PRO 3 Herb Vape Kit + Dry Herb Grinder. Heat Not Burn

PRO 3 Herb Vape Kit + Dry Herb Grinder

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    The best value slim PRO 3 dry herb vape kit. Includes dry herb and e-Juice cartridges and a herb grinder for more efficient heat not burn herb vaping.

    Herb vaporizer kit: PRO 3 with dry herb grinder

    The V2 PRO 3 is recognised as one of the best herb vaporizers in a small pen style form. It is our most versatile vape pen allowing you the freedom to vape e liquid, herb or wax using one device - simply switch out the e liquid cartridge for the herb vape cartridge. Included with this vape kit is the high quality V2 herb grinder which allows for a more finely ground herb, this results in a more even and efficient vape. It can also be used as a tobacco vaporizer by swapping out the e liquid cartridge for a tobacco dry herb cartridge. The PRO 3's chip recognises each cartridge and changes heat settings automatically. 

    Using your herb vaporizer 

    The herb vaporizer kit includes both e-liquid and dry herb cartridges and a tobacco/dry herb grinder, one device for all your vaping needs. The dry herb tobacco loose leaf cartridge takes approximately 20 seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature. Fill the cartridge to the indicated level with your favourite herb or tobacco and vape for one cycle. Make sure the herb or tobacco is ground down and not too tightly packed. You will find that with many dry herb and tobacco products you can vape through a second cycle, use the tool supplied with the dry herb tobacco cartridge to stir or mix the content between cycles. 

    Your Series 3 dry herb vape kit contains:

    • S3 Vaporizer Unit
    • S3 magnetic USB charging cord
    • Wall adapter (UK or EU)
    • S3 E liquid cartridge
    • S3 Dry herb loose leaf cartridge
    • Vapour2 PRO Grinder

    Unpacking your vape pen

    To use your S3 portable vaporizer, unpack the components, connect the magnetic charging cord to your device and plug into a compatible USB port or the wall adaptor to fully charge it. Once charged the Pro 3 herb vaporizer can be used to vape herb or tobacco then simply switch to the e liquid cartridge for all day vaping. Alternatively connect to a power supply and your vaporizer can be used in pass through mode. 

    Herb vape clouds?

    Vaping dry herb or vaping tobacco using heat not burn technology will not produce huge clouds of vapour. Nicotine (and the active ingredients in dry herb) when vaporized is colourless. But you will certainly taste and feel your dry herb while vaping.

    If you would like more vapour why not try dripping a few drops of zero nicotine e liquid on to the herb in the cartridge to moisten slightly. 

    The Series 3 dry herb vaporizer is available in a choice of three colours: Black, Steel and Blue. 

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