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Best e-Cig Accessories

A selection of essential vaping accessories from recognised and best in industry brands. Batteries, Refillable cartridges, V2 PRO & Shisha Pen add-ons, e liquid, cartridges vape pens and other best quality vaping products.

We source only quality products for your vaping pleasure.

  • Efest Mega USB 18650 Battery Charger

    Efest Mega USB Charger

    Efest Mega USB Charger Efest Mega UUSB Charger is a Dual bay compact battery charger for 18650 and 21700 batteries amongst others. It functions through a USB Connection and when combined with a 5V or 2amp power source will charge 18650s and 21700s at a...

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  • V2 Cigs USB charger

    V2 Express Charger

    V2 Cigs Express Charger The V2 Express charger is a mini “Smart” Charger USB without the cord. The Express Charger will recharge both V2 Classic Batteries and V2 EX Series Batteries. This handy device fits into any standard USB port and...

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  • Official magnetic charging cable for the V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen.


    V2 Pro Series 3 Charging Cable (USB)

    Official charging cable for the V2 Pro Series 3. With this charging cable you are able to use your device while it charges. Connect the cord’s magnetic head to the port on your V2 pro, then plug the USB into any compatible device.

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    XTAR MC2 USB Battery Charger

    The XTAR MC2 USB battery charger is a three-stage dual bay battery charger suitable for a wide range of rechargeable e-cigarette batteries.   XTAR MC2 USB Battery Charger features: Input: 5V DC/2.1AOperation Temperature: 0 to...

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