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Disposable vapes are the easiest route to vaping from smoking. They’re compact, no-fuss devices with a battery, coil and e-liquid already inside ready to vape. With a huge catalogue of flavours from renowned brands such as Elf Bar, Geek Bar and Pod Salt, the choices are limitless - our guide on the biggest brands here can help to narrow down your choice. Often mouth-to-lung auto-inhale kits containing nic salt in 10mg and 20mg strengths, disposables are the go-to for beginners and those seeking a handy backup or prefer no maintenance.

Similar to cigarettes in size, they produce a small amount of vapour that’s discreet. The best part is you can find lots of multi-buy deals below to mix and match your favourite fruity, candy-inspired, dessert or savoury flavours.

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Disposable Vapes FAQs

Are Disposable Vapes Bad for You?

Not necessarily, disposables are created solely as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Granted, the majority contain nicotine, which can cause minor side effects. But you also don’t have thousands of dangerous unknown toxins added to cigarettes.

They offer the same level of safety as other types of vape devices, such as refillable pod kits or mods. Because of their simplicity, disposables can ease the transition and are growing in popularity.

But you shouldn't start vaping disposables if you do not smoke. Available in different strengths, only previous heavy smokers should begin with the highest disposable vape strength of 20mg to replicate their prior cigarette habit of more than a pack a day.

You can also lighter 10mg and even 0mg disposables to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine with smoother nic salt vapes.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Generally, disposable vapes last between 300-600 puffs, depending on how much e-liquid is in the device.

Choosing a high-quality manufacturer will ensure you get a consistently good hit with each vape of your puff bar.

With thousands of different flavours to pick from and the convenience of a disposable, it’s the perfect option for MTL vapers.

How to Get Rid of Disposable Vapes in the UK

In the UK there are half a billion vapes in circulation, with disposable vapes now a large chunk of the market. To reduce pollution, the correct and responsible thing to do is recycle them. Once you’ve bought and used a few, take your bag of empty disposable vapes down to your nearest recycling centre.

Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better Than Refillable E-Liquids?

Many vapers start with disposable vapes and then struggle to find the same great flavour they get from the little puff bars. In most cases, this is based on three potential reasons. First, with disposables, the wick will be pre-soaked in vape juice, so it’s ready to vape straight out of the pack.

This is not the case with refillable pods or tanks, with dry coils that require manual wicking. Second, disposable e-liquids often taste better because they often have a higher ratio of PG than VG, with the former carrying the flavour better than the naturally sweet VG.

Are Disposable Vapes More Expensive?

In the long run, disposables will cost you more than refillable vape kits. Despite the better flavour and the convenience, many switch to pod or mod kits after getting used to vaping because of the cost. In addition, there is the impact of repeatedly tossing away batteries that deter some from the disposable market too.

However, it’s a handy first option for new vapers that don’t understand the technical differences between the plethora of coils, tanks and pods available. In addition, many prefer disposables because of their lightweight and compact nature, providing the perfect all-in-one kit for vaping on a night out or while with friends.

Can You Take Disposables on a Plane?

Yes, you can keep disposables in the handheld luggage you carry on the plane, providing it meets the regulations of your chosen airline. Typically, this means no more than 100ml of liquid, regardless of the items such as toiletries and including disposables, so you have to factor in all liquids before boarding. You must also consider the well-being and respect of others by not vaping on the plane too or at any UK airport. We advise contacting any airlines before travel to double-check their latest rules on flying with disposables.