ECO-Vape to VSAVI Information

ECO Vape has been Renamed to VSAVI

The new Tobacco Products Directive that regulates e cigarette market states that terms such as Eco, Pure and Organic cannot be used in product names due to restrictions imposed upon the industry by the Tobacco Products Directive which was passed into law in the UK on the 20th of May 2016. Our legal advice was that our E-Liquid named ECO-Vape would breach the TPD rules so we have now renamed our old Eco Vape e liquid to VSAVI. This also differentiates our product from other products with similar names that are not 100% VG e liquid.

We would like to reassure our customers that the new VSAVI e liquid is the identical product to our old ECOvape product and we have simply changed the name.

Our VSAVI E-Liquid range is manufactured to GMP standards and is tested in state of the art Bioscience Labs with full European MSDS Certification. VSAVI VG e-Liquid only contains pharmaceutical and food grade ORGANIC ingredients. This is due to the increase in demand by customers who only want a fully tested, certified pure and clean e liquid they can trust. Our VSAVI range replaces the ECO-vape range of VG e-Liquids.

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Our VSAVI e-Liquid range is the premier organic VG e-Liquid available in the UK. Full batch testing. In addition to the above certification relevant production meets the standards of the European CE certification and British Assessment Bureau Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

VSAVI contains no Propylene Glycol, it is a pure VG e-liquid - Vegetable Glycerol. Some users of e-liquid have shown allergic reaction to the more common e-juice base ie. PG. VSAVI uses organic ingredients and is available in a range of flavours and sizes.

Best Cloud Chaser e-Liquid Range

First choice for discerning cloud chasers too! VSAVI is made with 100% pharma VG e-liquid, formulated to be less viscous than other VG e liquids. It can be used without clogging up your tank and can give considerably greater vapour production than a VG/PG mix - making VSAVI the best cloud chaser e-juice available.

Our VSAVI juice is 100% VG e-Liquid - if you normally use PG/VG mix and use a regulated vape device you will need to change power settings to enjoy the best flavour from this e Liquid. Generally VG requires a lower temperature.