Gourmet e-Liquid. VSAVI & vPure.

The ECOpure range of VG e-liquid has now been replaced with our new ORGANIC VSAVI (ECOvape) e-liquid - see here

The ECOvape VSAVI and Vype vPure e-Liquid range is manufactured to cGMP standards and is tested in state of the art Bioscience Labs in the UK and in Europe. vPure and ECOvape VSAVI e-Liquid only contain pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients purchased here in the UK and Europe. This is due to the increase in demand by customers who only want a fully tested, pure and clean e liquid they can trust.

Vype (ex-ECOpure) have also introduced their new range of vPure and Vype e-Liquid. vPure Vype e-Liquid will feature a larger selection of PG e-Liquid which is to be used in their new Vype e Tank range of open system modular e-cigarette. For those requiring VG e liquid, VSAVI is pure organic 100% VG e Liquid.

ECOvape VSAVI contains no Propylene Glycol, it is a pure 100% VG e-liquid - Vegetable Glycerol. Some users of e-liquid have shown allergic reaction to the more common e-juice base - PG. ECOvape uses the fewest possible ingredients. It is available in a range of flavours and sizes.

See the new 100% VG e-liquid range - ECOvape VSAVI! More flavours, organic and still green and clean.