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V2 PRO Series 3 Loose Leaf Cartridge

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  • The V2 Pro Loose Leaf Cartridge designed for the V2 PRO 3 vape pen
  • V2 PRO Series 3 Loose Leaf Cartridge
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Pro 3 Loose Leaf Cartridge

VIE Dry Herb Vaporizer

The V2 PRO Series 3 Loose Leaf Cartridge has arrived after years of development to find the best way to safely and cleanly vape loose leaf type products. This cartridge for the Series 3 utilizes conduction heating to warm loose leaf and dry herb to the optimum vaporizing temperature to give you a fantastic, consistent experience. The cartridge capacity is about 385 cubic millilitres. For best results use a small grind (to increase surface area) and fill the chamber to roughly half it’s capacity. If you like lots of vapour try dripping a few drops of zero nicotine eliquid on to the fill to moisten it slightly. The loose leaf cartridge takes approximately 30 seconds to heat up to the optimum temperature – then you can enjoy!

Provided that your Loose Leaf and Wax cartridges are properly cleaned after every use it is expected that it will last several months before needing replacement.

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