Elf Bar

In a short space of time, Elf Bar has developed as a leading manufacturer of disposables and pod kits. Starting in 2018, they now have a whole host of different designs with the same quality material, compact nature and performance that sets the tone for the rest of the industry to follow. Expect excellent flavour, great taste and cloud production when you pick up an Elf Bar disposable vape, with practicality and simplicity in mind. Plus, they’ve also provided vapers with an affordable longer-term option with the stylish Elf Bar Mate 500 and Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit, which have prefilled Elf Bar Pods and a rechargeable battery. New In - Elfliq 10ml nic salt with all the famous elf bar flavours

Elf Bar FAQs

Why are there different 'puff' counts?

The majority of Elf Bars’ disposable devices offer up to 600 puffs per kit, including the popular Elf Bar 600 and others from the range such as the Elf Bar Lux and the Shisha NC600.

Some are slightly less at 500 puffs like the Elf Bar CR500 or the Elf Mate 500 pods. If you smoke 20 a day or more, a larger amount of puffs is better because they last longer.

Anything above that amount doesn’t meet TPD regulations as a compliant product available for sale in the UK.

How to get the best deal on Elf Bars

If you are being savvy you can get a bundle of 10 Elf Bar disposables for £39.99 with us, or we offer deals such as 5 for the price of 4. It's worth looking out for these promotions to save some money.

How Do You Use an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar designs kits for all types of levels, from simplistic disposables to refillable kits. All contain smooth 20mg nic salt content as the key selling point.

An Elf Bar disposable is the most straightforward device. Straight out of the box, it’s charged and ready to go. No buttons to press, it’s auto-activated for a close experience of smoking, but with so many more flavours.

They also have a range of battery-powered devices you can keep for the next level of the journey. All with singular buttons or auto-draw functions with nothing to think about.

Which Elf bar do I need if I am a heavy smoker?

Elf Bars are available in 20mg as the highest strength, we recommend this option if you're generally smoking around 20 cigarettes a day. A lower strength 10mg is available, which we recommend for those who smoke 5-10 cigarettes a day, and a 0mg nicotine option is perfect to help those wanting to reduce their levels.

Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Like with any vape kit, e-liquids can quickly lose their taste if not managed or when they reach the end of their life.

The same goes for Elf Bars. Once they’re into the last few puffs, the taste will change and feel more burnt than enjoyable. That’s a clear sign you need to dispose of it and grab a new bar.

That burning sensation also occurs when your wick is dry after too many hits of the vape in quick succession.

Where Can You Buy Elf Bars?

You can buy a wide range of elf bar disposables individually and as a bundle, as well as reusable kits via our online vape store. Take your pick from plenty of different flavours.

Are There Rechargeable Elf Bars?

Yes, you have the Elf Bar Mate 500, the compact Elf Bar FB1000 which you can attach to a lanyard to transport with ease and the Elf Bar Elfa pod kit. All of these can be recharged in a fast and efficient manner, ready to go with pre filled pods of similar flavours to the disposables.