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Nicotine Salt E Liquids

The latest innovation in the e-liquid market is nic salts, an evolution of the freebase nicotine liquids you may be accustomed to. Whilst many vapers are completely satisfied with the liquids they are already using, nic salts offer a range of benefits worth considering when you are next stocking up.

Nic Salts are different to freebase in the sense that it they are the primary form of nicotine found on a tobacco leaf, and when used at higher strengths, maintain a lower PH level than the freebase equivalent. For example, 20mg/ml strength nic salts will offer a smoother experience than a 18mg/ml e-liquid. The lower PH level allows a smoother throat hit, and importantly, a better nicotine absorption experience.

Finally, users of nic salts report that the vaping experience is much closer to the feeling of a cigarette, and because of this they are ideal for those new to vaping and making the transition from traditional smoking as they may ease the difficulty somewhat.

Pure E-Liquids stock nic salt e-liquids in a variety of flavours from the VSAVI range. You can find the selection below.

Nic Salts

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