Nicotine Shots

Nicotine Shots

A trending way to top up your vape pod or mod, 50 ml shortfills combined with nic shots gives you more flexibility in your e-liquid. Because of TPD compliance, you can only buy 10ml e-liquid bottles of juice mixed with nicotine.

However, with nic shots of varied VG and PG ratios, add what you need to reach your desired nicotine strength. Alternatively, for those used to smoking a high number of cigarettes a day, nic salts may be your preferred option based on the larger amount of nicotine available, meaning needing to vape less often and with a smoother throat hit too.

  • Nyx 50/50 Nic-shot 18mg 10ml


    Nyx 50/50 Nic-shot 18mg 10ml

    Nyx 50/50 Nic-Shot 18mg 10ml With 18mg Nyx bottles of 10ml, you get a perfect blend of unflavoured Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in a nicotine shot to add to your shortfill. While new vapers prefer an e-liquid favouring a higher...

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  • Flawless Nicotine Shot 18mg Nic-Shot

    Flawless Nicotine Shot 18mg (10ml)

    Flawless Nicotine Shot 18mg (10ml) Flawless 100% VG Nicotine Shots are premium quality. The difference between Flawless Nicotine Shots and others is that there's no PG in them, meaning you retain the maximum flavour from your e-liquid. Nic-Shots are a...

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