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CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Oil and CBD Drops products are now on our dedicated VSAVI website

You can also buy CBD Vape Kits and other vaping accessories such as replacement tanks, atomizers and coils.

Products are shipped from our offices here in Peterborough and you order will be processed by the same experienced customer service team, who are also available to answer any questions about CBD or ecigs.

You can order CBD products online or pay for them over the phone, visit for full details or telephone customer services on 01733 555 555.

Thank you and happy vaping !

Fearing The FDA, US Company Creates Synthetic Nicotine

Nicotine has always been an integral part of vaping. When the modern electronic cigarette was invented, the driving force was to offer an alternative for smokers. You certainly couldn’t do this without some type of nicotine, and thus the solution was found in liquid nicotine. Add in propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or a PG/VG mix, and of [...]

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E-liquid 101: PG, VG and You

If you haven’t heard of the terms PG and VG, don’t worry. It’s not every day that you’ll come upon a discussion like this. If you’re at the pub with your lads, you’re more likely to talk about the latest match than these terms. Unless, of course, you are hanging around some vaping enthusiasts. In that case, they are [...]

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Zophie Vapes Presents 3x30ml ECO-vape Giveaway

Check out Zophie Vapes reviews our 100% VG E-Liquid. Plus shes doing a giveaway of 3x30ml bottles of our ECO-Vape juice! Simply comment on the video to enter Check our our ECO-vape 100% VG Eliquid in our shop

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Our Top 4 Hottest Vape girls

Our 4 Hottest Vape girls Back in the golden era smoking was seen as one of the sexiest things you could do. Today, with the knowledge of the real health risks involved in smoking the sexiness of it seemed to fizzle out. 4) Camille Winans from Costa Mesa, California is a strong advocate - a group strongly opposed to some [...]

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7 ways to keep your e-cig in good condition

So you’ve finally found ‘the One’,  the e-cigarette of your vapour dreams and you want to keep it in tip top condition. Here are seven tips on making sure you can vape to your heart’s content without poor performance or short battery life. 1. Store your e-cigarette safely and responsibly. This point should really cover two aspects. Firstly, store vaporizer or e-cig in [...]

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The Rise & Rise of the e Cigarette

e-Cig History & Future The first ‘electronic cigarette’ was invented by Herbert Gilbert in 1963 who patented it as a ‘smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette’ that ‘replaced burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air’ However, at the time smoking was fashionable and Gilbert’s invention was never commercialised. As a result, the current vaping movement can be credited to Hon Lik, [...]

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Vaping 100% Organic VG e Liquid - no PG required!

If you are an avid vaper you’ll know that VG E Liquid (100%) even the best quality VG e juice is generally too thick and unpleasant for vaping on its own. A common solution to this is mixing it with PG which solves the issue of thickness but gives out less vapour. Also some people are sensitive [...]

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​Best Cloud Chasing E Liquid – VG E Liquid is Best

Is VG e-Liquid Best for Clouds? If you enjoy cloud chasing then you need to solve a three dimensional puzzle to get the most vapour. Which Vaporizer should you use ? The Tank or Atomizer design that gives the best vapour. The E Liquid flavour, taste and strength. Most cloud chasers use VG e liquid combined with a lower ratio of [...]

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Stop Smoking Today: #PureQuitter

Do you want  to quit smoking?Be a #purequitter and receive: Regular support and motivation Updates on your improving health Discounts on e-cigarette products in October.  How do I Join? Simply like the Facebook Page and follow our advice, tips and suggestions to help you quit smoking during the month of October.[powr-social-feed label="1996302"]

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