Best Vuse Vape Flavours: E-Liquids and Disposables Ranked

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 12th Dec 2023

Best Vuse Vape Flavours: E-Liquids and Disposables Ranked

Everything You Need to Know About Vuse

Let’s begin by stating that Vuse is a great brand, respected worldwide for many years for creating fantastic starter kits for vaping. Previously recognised as Vype, they rebranded but kept the same great standards.

In addition to devices aimed at beginners, they are also manufacturers of high-quality e-liquids and pods that are not only efficient but produce consistent results for all levels.

Below we compare and evaluate the best flavours for your Vuse vape kit or cross-compatible device. Whether that’s a user-friendly Vuse Go 700 disposable puff vape, high-strength nicotine e-liquids in 10ml format or prefilled pods.

Do You Get Better Flavour From Vuse Go 700 Disposables Than Vuse E-Liquids or Pods?

The flavour is traditionally stronger in profile from disposable vapes than e-liquids or refillable pods (adding your own e-liquid) because it’s a single-use device. It’s designed that way with a pre-saturated coil to use straight away. Great for an entry-level vaper, but not able to sustain over a long period, how you rate the flavour depends on your needs and budget.

Naturally, it’s great to have all that flavour and convenience in a pre-installed device like the Vuse Go 700. The intense flavour is brilliant to vape. However, it should only last an MTL vaper for a few days, depending on use. So it works out as more expensive than refillable e-liquids for vape kits or pre-filled pod systems.

With that in mind, we rate our best flavours below (subjectively), based on what we think offers the ideal taste with each throat hit over a sustained period. All to help with that switch from smoking!

Top 8 Vuse Flavours Ranked

Vuse Chilled Mint ePod

A refreshing start to the list, the Vuse Chilled Mint pods were our favourite. Not only is it super simple to use, slotting in place with ease, but the cool taste from each delivery is epic!

Great for those who need a palette cleanse or want to switch between flavours, it’s ideal when vaping on the go or after dinner.

It’s not too overpowering in terms of flavour too, making it a welcome addition to any collection. And because it’s prefilled, we love the minimum fuss nature, and it means you don’t need to keep reusing disposables, which some people prefer to reduce the amount of batteries used.

Chilled mint we have found is a happy medium between moving away from tobacco flavours but not going too intense with sweet fruit flavours, although many vapers love that!

Vuse Go 700 Creamy Tobacco Disposable Vape

Although vaping disposables do have their downside if you’re thinking about the environment, for beginners it’s perfect. Vaping is much more technical than cigarettes (straightforward once you get used to it) but the disposables from Vuse are a great gateway into the replacement for smoking.

And better yet, not all smokers want something like candy drops or bubble gum to make that switch. Quitting cigarettes is hard and you need a flavour that eases the transition.

With creamy tobacco from the Vuse Go 700 collection of six flavours, you have exactly that! Rich notes and sweet mild textures from the blend of cream notes with earthy tobacco flavours. It’s a winning combination to get you started with vaping!

Vuse Original Strawberry E-Liquid 10ml

For those who have a sweet tooth, strawberry e-liquids might be up your street. From Vuse, they have designed ‘Original Strawberry’, which is not the most creative of names, but works a treat anyway!

The flavours are reminiscent of the fruit and as close as artificially possible to the real thing. Sometimes with vaping you do get e-liquid flavours that are too sweet, but the original strawberry is not too much in your vape kit.

Vuse Go 700 Blueberry Ice Disposable Vape

Next up we have the cooling and exhilarating blueberry ice mix, blending sweet juicy notes from the refreshing fruit alongside icy notes on the exhale.

It’s the perfect way to steer away from all tobacco flavours and can spice up your collection of vape kits and liquids.

You get that icy throat hit sensation, which will be familiar to those who enjoyed menthol cigarettes in the past before the smoking ban of menthols.

Plus, you get some subtle flavours of blueberry to drive your senses wild.

Vuse Apple Sour ePod

Apple is a fantastic flavour for vaping and this inspired creation is slightly tangy but also sweet enough to enjoy at any time of the day.

The sour kick gives it that edge you need and also tastes a little like the candy sweets you can buy with the same flavour.

Therefore, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you love apple sour, this might be the one for you!

Vuse Passionfruit Ice ePod

For those with a sweet tooth, the passionfruit ice blend in pod format hits the right spot, offering a refreshingly fruity taste sensation, with an ice cool finish on the exhale.

The flavour is fantastic with this one, and available in an 18mg strength, which is geared towards vapers who are switching or have switched from a frequent habit of smoking throughout the day and need an equivalent sensation, at least initially, when vaping.

Vuse Smoked Whisky E-Liquid 10ml

A delicious blend of notes with this one, combining the rich and smooth notes of whisky with the sweet subtle taste of vanilla.

Available in 12mg nicotine strength at under £4, it’s a great price and offers real value for those who are social smokers looking to quit and are seeking a bit of extra flavour and a similar amount of nicotine.

Vuse Go 700 Mint Ice

Last up we have the refreshing and conveniently designed Mint Ice in disposable format from the Vuse Go 700 collection.

The most useful feature of all from this disposable range made by Vuse is the airflow control, which is a very unique feature not often seen on single-use devices.

So you get not only great flavour with a hint of sweetness and a cool vape up to 700 puffs which tastes good at any time of the day, but also controllable airflow to get the sensation that best suits you!

Let’s begin by stating that Vuse is a great brand, respected worldwide for many years for creating fantastic starter kits for vaping. Previously recognised as Vype, they rebranded but kept the same great standards.