NYX was created for the vaper looking for e-liquids that offer something different. They do this by supporting every level of vaping with a collection of versatile e-liquid solutions. This includes the NYX Juicy collection of 10ml e-liquids to match the intense flavours of disposables, an alternative lighter flavourless vape juice for those who prefer a natural experience, without the additional flavours added and six different shortfills containing 0mg nicotine with the option to add a Nyx nic shot if you wish.

We intentionally leave the bottles unboxed to reduce some of the packaging. All NYX products are made in the UK and have been lab-tested to create the best possible flavour experience with high-quality ingredients - 99% less harmful than cigarettes.

NYX Nic Salt Products FAQs

Why Change to NYX From Smoking?

The battle to quit smoking is challenging but when you switch to vaping nicotine salt e-liquids, the transition is the closest like-for-like experience. Whether you smoke 20 a day or you’re trying to switch as a social smoker, NYX caters to all levels due to their different products at each stage of the journey.

While many people often pick up a disposable as the go-to e-cigarette to quit smoking, this is an expensive choice long-term. NYX offers lots of different sustainable choices that benefit vapers. With a familiar draw and level of smoothness from the NYX Juicy collection, which has a wide range of flavours to pick as highlighted in this review, and a throat hit that mimics a cigarette, this is the best choice for heavy smokers.

In addition, the frequency you vape is less often than smoking or vaping traditional e-liquids at a fraction of the price, when you select the right sustainable e-liquid. Salt nic acts much faster than freebase e-liquids to get the job done and are better for the environment than their disposable equivalents.

Is a Nyx Juicy 10ml Better Than Freebase Nicotine E-Liquids?

Both have positive and negative factors.

On the plus side, NYX Juicy is great for those quitting smoking as they offer a higher amount of nicotine per vape and it's less harsh on the throat, compared to freebase nicotine e-liquids. This makes it the perfect complement to a pod vape system or low-maintenance vape pen for new vapers. Less vaping with 20mg nic salts also means more money saved and time spent out in the cold!

But if you want more clouds and a stronger throat hit, we suggest trying a balanced PG/VG freebase e-liquid or a high VG vape juice for Sub-Ohm clouds.

What’s the Difference Between NYX Flavoured Products and 20mg Disposables?

Vapers love the convenience and consistently bold flavour from disposables such as Elf Bar and Geek Bar after quitting smoking due to the large amount of flavours and high nicotine strength available. However, that is only sustainable for a day or two with heavy use. Vapers crave those same great flavours over a longer period with a more affordable option.

Nyx Juicy 10ml e-liquids are the cheaper long-term option in high strength 10ml and low strength 100ml shortfill that offer similar intense flavours for a fraction of the price you would pay for disposable. This is possible because you can keep switching the coils but still maintain that consistent flavour.

Who Should Vape a NYX Flavourless E-Liquid and Why?

Vaping sweet flavours is not for everyone. Some prefer only the rich textures of nicotine and that satisfying throat hit. For this reason NYX created the 10ml flavourless e-liquid solution, which provides only what’s needed to keep up old nicotine habits throughout the day.

Why is There a Demand for NYX Nic Shots?

The need for shortfills and nic shots like those produced by NYX stems from the complete control vapers seek after years of smoking unknown ingredients with sugar, nicotine and thousands of dangerous toxins, as well as combustible tobacco.

With a NYX shortfill, you get 100ml of pure vape juice from the best ingredients and no nicotine whatsoever. Only sweeteners, water, a high concentration of vegetable glycerin for large cloud production and 30% propylene glycol to produce a nice throat hit.

You can add a NYX nic shot or two depending on how strong you want your larger bottle of e-liquid to be, which will be easier to transport around than multiple 10ml bottles containing nicotine as per TPD requirements.

Are NYX Safe to Vape?

There is no right or wrong answer regarding the safety or danger to your health when vaping nic salts. This is because they’re very close to e-liquids typically produced with freebase nicotine. To create nic salts, the addition of benzoic acid reduces the PH level and therefore the harshness of the throat. From this, you can vape similar nicotine levels to a pack of cigarettes, tolerating each toke with greater ease.

Where Can You Buy Nyx?

Nyx is an exclusive brand that few websites in the UK have rights to sell to vapers. On our store you can find the complete range of Juicy 10ml nic salt options, a variety of shortfill flavours, the flavourless 10ml e-liquid for those with no sweet tooth cravings and nic shots to add to your shortfills.