Vape Pod Kits

Pure E-Liquids stock a range of vape pod starter kits and accessories, all perfect for smokers/new vapers looking for a reliable simple to use device, or an experienced vaper looking for a smaller more portable device.

Vape pod kits started to penetrate the market in 2015 when the Juul Starter Kit launched. Other vaping brands then started innovating the vape pod experience resulting in an improved variety of pod devices suitable for different types of vapers.

Pre-filled Vape Pods

The ultimate device for ease of use. The RipTide RipStick, JUUL and the IQ Air Vapers Kit all work with their own respective pre-filled pods. The Ripstick uses NicTech technology which is based on Tobacco Free Nicotine and helps smoker transition easily to vaping. The Juul and IQ Air devices use Nic Salts instead of the freebase nicotine e-liquid you may be more familiar with. Nic Salts provide a very smooth vaping experience even at higher nicotine levels because of the low alkalinity of the liquid. Both JUUL pods and IQ Air pods contain 20mg/ml nicotine levels. Once a pod is empty, simply dispose of it and replace it with another pre-filled pod - the easiest vaping experience yet.