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Vuse Vape Kits, E-Liquids and Pods

Formerly known as Vype, the new and improved Vuse, which originally set up in the USA in 2013 provides vapers with an easy route into vaping to finally give up smoking. They do this by providing 10ml TPD compliant e-liquids that boast a range of flavours for all the connessuars of vaping. These pair up with the simple to use Vuse vape kits like the Vuse ePen 3 to create a smooth transition to this cessation tool in a friendly way.

While some devices focus more on advanced settings to help a regular vaper tinker to maximise the potential and create a personal experience for the vaper, Vuse have created a range of novice devices which are ideal for beginners or a trusty handheld backup option. Whichever device you choose and e-liquid you select, rest assured they’re of the highest quality and reliable long-lasting products from a brand that continues to grow. Because of the smart design on the starter vape kits, you don’t need to worry about device management, adjusting coil resistance strengths or balancing the e-liquid. All that’s needed is a nic salt pod that slots straight into the device and away you go.