​Vuse eTank Mini Review - What to Expect

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 28th Sep 2021

Vuse ETank Mini Review - What To Expect

As we continue to see 2021 twisting and turning with the fluctuating events of the Covid pandemic, one thing remains - the continued evolution of the vaping industry. Gone are the days where it’s simply a cessation tool, now it’s a culture and growing trend to help you cut down your nicotine levels. With so many different manufacturers making a range of e-liquids and vape kits, a few brands stick out from the crowd and set a trend. Vuse, a US brand formerly known as Vype are one of those trend setters.

Known for their delicious e-liquids and easy to use kits, in 2021 they have released a few different devices which are ideal for beginners and advanced vapers alike. One of those is the Vuse eTank Mini, the purpose of today’s review. Although there are lots of advanced mods out there with all the bells and whistles, sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple and give the vapers an easy ride. That’s exactly what Vuse have done with the eTank Mini. Let’s get down to business - helping you understand if it’s the right vape kit for your needs.

Key Features Of The ETank Mini

  • 850mAh lithium ion battery
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Power saving mode
  • Top fill
  • Micro USB

Breaking The Kit Down For Beginners

Any new vaper will want an easy to use kit that makes switching from smoking a breeze. It needs to be light, compact and simple to hold in the hand to carry around and vape when required. Because most people want to vape mouth to lung like they would when smoking a cigarette, the eTank Mini is the ideal companion with a 1.4 Ohm resistance coil. These can be purchased in a pack of five for convenient swapping before your atomiser burns out from overuse.

With 850mAh battery, that’s more than enough for a day of MTL vaping, which shouldn’t be too frequent as you make the adjustment to stronger nicotine and more intense throat hits. If it feels too much for you, this can be tweaked with the adjustable airflow option on the eTank Mini.

How It Compares To Other Vape Pens And Pod Kits

Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Starter Kit - Design

Lots of pod kits and vape pen kits seem to go with a design like the eTank Mini, with the singular button and the slim mouthpiece and tank at the top along a narrow corridor of electronic manufacturing. Other options like the SMOK Vape Pen V2 also bear a resemblance but the vape pen kit from Vaporesso is probably the most similar at Pure E-Liquids in terms of like for like in size and shape to the eTank Mini. What’s different about the Orca Solo Plus is the curved mouthpiece shape and airflow feature. In addition to that, the battery size is much bigger at 1200mAh, plus it has two different coil resistance options at 0.6 Ohms and 1.3 Ohms, so this may be the next step up for beginners after the eTank Mini.

V2 Vsavi Pro 3 - Battery Size

In terms of longevity at 850mAh, the Vsavi Pro 3 matches it with the same capacity but as an upgrade, the slim black vape pen pictured actually comes with a type-C charger unlike the eTank Mini, so that’s something many vapers will see as more of a plus as it allows your device to charge quicker. The Pro 3 also works perfectly with the Platinum e-liquids, similar to the eTank and most MTL devices with a higher resistance coil. The Pro 3 is slightly thinner in dimension and longer, so it depends what you prefer in terms of compact size to carry around with you on the go.

Voopoo Vmate E Pod Kit - Versatile

The Voopoo Vmate E is another excellent device for mouth to lung vaping and the difference with this compared to the Vuse ETank Mini is clear to see. It’s got a much larger battery at 1200mAh which charges in no time at all, as well as more coil options with RDL vaping using the 0.7 Ohm pod or 1.2 Ohm tighter mouth to lung vaping. In comparison, the Vuse ETank Mini only offers one type of draw. Plus, the VMate E looks seriously stylish! It has leather panels which make it easy to grip while vaping and look fantastic in the variety of colours available. The removable dust cap just adds another practical layer to this stylish vape kit.

Vuse ETank Mini Verdict

Overall this is a neat little vape kit that any level of vaper would be satisfied with. For beginners it ticks several boxes with a decent battery size, simple functionality, sleek look in black and ergonomic mouthpiece for a smooth MTL draw. This kind of kit works just as well for advanced vapers who need a useful backup to their more advanced mod. If they charge the eTank Mini up before they leave the house and their primary device runs out, this mini pod kit is ideal.

However, a couple of minor downsides which are subjective is the micro USB cable instead of type-C which is more common these days. Plus, it only offers the option of one coil resistance so it’s only good if you like to vape mouth to lung. Nevertheless, Vuse are known for their simple to use devices and this certainly offers plenty to work with, so it gets our seal of approval. If you have any questions the Pure E-Liquids team is available to assist any queries you may have. We would love to hear your thoughts on the latest vape kit from Vuse by leaving feedback on the product page, or leave a comment on our social pages where you can share top tips on how to get the most out of the Vuse eTank Mini with fellow vapers.

As we continue to see 2021 twisting and turning with the fluctuating events of the Covid pandemic, one thing remains - the continued evolution of the vaping industry.