Top 5 Best Nic Salts Vapers Will Love 2023

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 1st Sep 2023

Collection of Nic Salts E-Liquids from Elf Bar, Doozy Vape, IVG, Pod Salt and Hangsen

Explore a wonderful selection of nic salts from the top brands available right now as we have compiled a list that will take some beating. Combining our knowledge, what’s hot in the industry currently and stand-out features, this guide will continue to grow and change as manufacturers continue to innovate.

As you may already know, nic salt vape juice has been a staple addition to the e-liquid industry since 2016 with many of the top brands recognising its value as a worthwhile companion for low-powered mouth-to-lung vape kits that mimic the sensation of smoking.

With benzoic acid added, creating a faster absorption of nicotine, nic salts not only satisfy any cravings much quicker but also produce a smoother inhalation for vaping throughout the day. No wonder we’re seeing more people opt for nic salts and bigger brands jumping on the bandwagon to get involved!

So, whether you’re brand new to vaping and seeking the best experience from your e-liquid to copy that familiarity of smoking nicotine, or you’re experienced enough already vaping but want to find out the latest brands and flavours, our top UK nic salt vape juice picks below will intrigue and maybe help narrow down your choice from hundreds of options. Alternatively, you can view our full selection of nic salts if you’re still undecided!

What is the Best Nic Salt Brand?

While we understand that nicotine salts deliver nicotine faster and smoother to the throat and into the lungs, the jury is still out on the best brand that creates nic salts. That’s because there are so many to choose from that create wonderful flavours, nicotine delivery and discreet cloud production.

Plus, as we know with all of the different variations you can have, from the vape device itself to the coil or e-liquid you pick, each tweak alters the experience completely. And every vaper will value something different or have a personal preference. Although this list below is our favourite brands right now for the best nic salts, that changes very quickly and what one vaper may like might not be the ideal vape juice for another.

Top 5 Best Nic Salts Brands and Flavours of 2023 So Far

1. Elfliq – Blue Razz Lemonade

Nic salts really took off after they were introduced into disposable vapes, and none more so than Elf Bar led the charge for this convenient way of vaping. They continue to produce some fantastic e-liquid puff bars with compact dimensions and a user-friendly design to vape effortlessly without any thought into maintaining the device. But in 2023, interestingly they have introduced the Elfliq nic salt e-liquids to the market, which has been a massive hit, to say the least, not only with our customers but on a global scale! The Elfliq nic salt e-liquids in 10ml bottles are available in 12 magnificent flavours (more expected in the not-too-distant future) which are a carbon copy of the disposable flavours their fans know and love. You can buy a 10mg or 20mg bottle depending on your preference of nicotine salt strength and there are tons of choices between sweet and savoury flavours, often combining the two excellently in one mix. We have gone for a fan favourite of blue razz lemonade, which is a popular choice in the office! Each Elfliq vape juice has a nice 50VG/50PG ratio, so you get a generous throat hit and cloud production.

2. Doozy Vape – Tropix Fiji

The Doozy Vape Co brand is a household name in the industry, producing so many different variations and collections of nic salts with not only cool names but fantastic flavours for those who prefer nicotine salt over freebase nicotine e-liquids. Established in 2015, they have since emerged as a leader in the vape juice manufacturing space with lots of different options from tobacco and menthol to fruit and dessert flavours. The award-winning label has recently created its Doozy Salts and Seriously Salty range, as well as Temptations or Tropix collections (all 50VG/50PG) for those who like something even sweeter. More flavours come out all the time from Doozy as they keep up their high levels of innovation and extremely good quality flavours, so keep your eyes peeled for some further announcements. Right now, we love the fruity nic salt options on offer from their Tropix range, which includes Hawaii (aniseed, liquorice, slush ice) and our personal favourite Fiji (apple and watermelon).

3. IVG Salt – Sub Zero Arctic Berry

Vapers often try disposables first and usually stick with them despite their higher price because of the flavour intensity and easy no-thrills set up straight out of the pack, ready to vape. Another key thing many like is the ice effect you get from them too. With this in mind, highly-thought-of and multi-award-winning brand IVG has created a 50VG/50PG IVG Sub Zero nic salt range that is seriously cooling on the throat and offers that kick many vapers seek a cooling sensation that they may have experienced in the past with cigarettes.

Our top flavour choice that replicates this sensation from the IVG Salt range has to be IVG Sub Zero Arctic Berry, which is a fine blend of fruity flavours including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry with a cooling menthol sensation on the exhale. But we also love Aloe Grape, which is equally tasty!

4. Hangsen Bar Fuel – Red Apple

Next up we have the admired Bar Fuel collection from well-known brand Hangsen e-liquids. There are ten different options in 10mg and 20mg nic salt strengths but the pick of the bunch in terms of flavour has to be Red Apple. It’s a deliciously sweet mix of flavours with an icy bite at the end to give each inhale of vapour that added oomph. With a 50/50 ratio of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), the balance is just right for something not too intense on the throat or puffing too much cloud around others. Ideal for pod kits, vape pens and starter kits, it’s at the right level for heavy smokers or social smokers looking to switch.

5. Pod Salt – Cola with Lime

Finally, we have a beast of a brand, which is Pod Salt. Its mixture of eclectic flavours has inspired many vapers to quit smoking and try an e-liquid flavour that helps to move over from the dark side. There are lots of flavours (all 50VG/50PG) to pick from so everyone is spoilt for choice and not limited to help with their switch from smoking. A fine example of what’s on offer and our go-to is Cola with Lime, which is an intriguing mixture of flavours inspired by the fizzy drink you can find in all UK supermarkets. Subtle yet sweet, this award-winning brand with premium nicotine and an array of ‘fusions’ like Cola with Lime is a great way to vape faster, absorb nicotine at a quicker pace and enjoy the same great flavours you can find in their disposables.

So, there you have it – our top 5 picks of the best nic salts from some top brands offering fantastic flavour choices! You can find all of our nic salts here if you want to dive deeper into the smoothest way to vape which offers inhalation with a reduced throat hit compared to traditional e-liquids as well as faster nicotine absorption. Watch this space as more nic salts are added to our stock all the time and feel free to reach out to the customer service team if you have any questions about how nic salts can help you quit smoking.

Explore a wonderful selection of nic salts from the top brands available right now as we have compiled a list that will take some beating. Combining our knowledge, what’s hot in the industry currently and stand-out features, this guide will continue to grow and change as manufacturers continue to innovate.