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We now stock a range of premium Short Fill E–Liquids. All Short Fill flavours are in 0.0% nicotine so that you can add 10ML Nic-shots (10 ML of 1.8% nicotine).

The VSAVI short fill range comes in bottles that are not filled to the top so you just add your Nic-shot to the e-juice bottle. The V2 short fill range requires a mixing bottle for you to mix the flavoured E Liquid and the Nic-shots.

Once you have mixed the short fill flavour and Nic-shot in the correct proportions it is as easy as “Shake and Vape”! Shake your bottle vigorously for about a minute and then happy vaping! There is an added bonus, you save money if you Shake-n-Vape.

Go here for more information and Shortfill calculations


Short Fill E-Liquids

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