Short Fill e-Juice Calculator

How much nicotine to add to Short Fill eliquid.

Short fill e liquids combined with a nicotine shot are becoming more popular because of the limitations of current e liquid bottles sizes. With high rated mods burning up a lot of e liquid to produce large clouds cost is now a consideration. Shake-n-vape reduces the cost of your vape juice and you may also get a bit fitter with the excercise!

Vapers are now mixing their own "shake and vape" liquid flavour (0% nicotine) and combining it with a nicotine concentrate, or nic-shot to produce their own vape juice. Shake-n-vape short fill allows vapers to create larger volumes of their own liquid at a reduced price.

Shake-n-Vape Short Fill: What you need.

  1. A large volume shaker mixer bottle
  2. A nicotine concentrate e liquid or nic-shot
  3. 0% Nicotine flavour juice - choose you favourite below
  4. Mix the two short fill ingredient in the required ratio in the mixer bottle, shake vigorously for 3-5 minutes to ensure proper mixing

Get your Shake-n-Vape Ratios Right

Our Shake-n-Vape e liquid range offers you a wide selection of flavours to choose from for your short fill vape juice pleasure. You need to mix the e liquid flavour and the nicotine shots in the right ratios to get the desired result.

See the full range of short fill e liquids flavours for your shake-n-vape vaping.

We offer a range of e liquid flavours in various sizes, the nicotine-shot, 50/50 VG/PG ratio, comes in a maximum 10 ml bottle at 18 mg/ml strength, the 10ml bottle is a TPD requirement.

The calculation table below gives a range of mixing ratios in order to obtain the resultant e liquid nicotine strength. For example, from the table below if you wanted 6 mg nicotine strength you would mix 1 X 40ml bottle of Vsavi flavour with 2 bottles of 10 ml nic-shots and that would give you 60ml of 6mg strength vape juice that would be 63.3/36.7 VG/PG - ideal! Increasing the nicotine strength above 6 mg will start to diminish the flavour

The tables below are specific to the volume of e liquid flavour you have chosen.

Note: Increasing the nicotine strength above 6mg will start to diminish the flavour

Vsavi Short Fill e-Liquid Flavours: 40 ml

VSAVI short fill Flavour is VG/PG 70/30

VSAVI Flavour Nic Shot Quantity Juice Nicotine Ratio 
40 ml 10ml mls  Strength  VG/PG
1 bottle 1 bottle 50 3.6 mg 66/34
1 bottle 2 bottles 60 6 mg 63.3/36.7
1 bottle 4 bottles 80 9 mg 60/40

V2 Short Fill e-Liquid Flavours: 50 ml

V2 Flavour Nic Shot Quantity Juice Nicotine Ratio 
50 ml 10ml mls  Strength  VG/PG
1 bottle 1 bottle 60 3 mg TBA
1 bottle 3 bottles 80 6.75 mg TBA
1 bottle 5 bottles 100 9 mg TBA