VSAVI Nic-Shot 100% Unflavoured Nicotine Base 18mg (10ml)

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Short Fill Nic-Shot

Our VSAVI Short Fill Nic-Shot is 100% Unflavoured 18 mg Nicotine strength.

Simply add the nic-shot to your favourite 40 ml short-fill e-juice to get the the desired nicotine level. 

SHAKE-N-VAPE Mixing Instructions

Add 1 bottle of VSAVI Nic-Shot Short Fill to get 50ml of 3.6mg (3.6%) e liquid.

Add 2 bottles of VSAVI Nic-Shot Short Fill to get 60ml of 6mg (6%) e liquid.

VSAVI 100% Unflavoured Nicotine Base is 50VG/50PG for a perfect balance.

Short-Fill Nic-Shots Details

  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine from the world’s largest distributor
  • Medically tested high quality bases
  • Natural aromas
  • Completely GMO free
  • Have not been tested on animals
  • Prepared in a “clean room” laboratory
  • Eco friendly production
  • 99.9% pure and natural
  • Integrated supervision by chemical engineers to ensure consistency and safety
  • Bottles are made of medical grade plastic
  • Entire production is done within Europe

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