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Pure E-liquids Rewards


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Once an account is created you automatically receive 300 points, which is the equivalent of £3. You can also keep track of points earned, refer a friend for more points, or redeem them by simply clicking on the PURE E-LIQUIDS REWARDS tab in the bottom left corner.
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Redemptions and Conditions:You may redeem Pure E-Liquids Rewards against any order in the Pure E-Liquids website.
You may redeem up to 100% of the value of an order using Pure E-Liquids Rewards Points.
Rewards points are non-transferable.
Rewards points have no cash value.
1 point has the redemption value of 1p.
Minimum of 500 points required to redeem vouchers.
5 points earnt for for every £1 spent.
You may only earn points via the purchase on Pure E-Liquids or our authorised actions such as, signing up to the newsletter, referring a friend, liking our social media accounts, entering official competitions and promotions where points are rewarded.
Pure E-Liquids have the right to suspend your account if found to be abusing our program e.g. Self-referrals
Refer a friend points will automatically be credited to your account when the unique referral code has been used by a new customer to purchase.If the customer is not new then the code will not work against a purchase
New customers using the referral scheme will automatically have the discount voucher added to their order