Double Drip Strawberry & Banana Waffle Shortfill E-Liquid

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Double Drip Strawberry & Banana Waffle Shortfill E-Liquid 50ml Nicotine Free

A delicious treat if you want to skip dessert but still crave something sweet, as well all do! Blending the fruits of banana and strawberry is tasty enough but when buttery waffles are added to the equation, you have a winning formula! If you want something with more of an acidic twist, why not try the Lemon Sherbet Double Drip Coil Sauce shortfill.

You can expect fantastic flavour and some high-quality voluminous clouds courtesy of this e-liquid, which is high in Vegetable Glycerin. Because there is no nicotine in the 50ml vape juice shortfill, simply give it a shake and vape at 0mg or add a nic shot and vape 3mg in the additional 10ml space.

Double Drip Coil Sauce Strawberry & Banana Waffle Specification


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