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Vapour2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit

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    Best Vaporizer UK

    The V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is an ideal companion for those who demand the very best in e-liquid vaping. The Pro 3 is a high quality exceptionally well made product that is optimised for e liquid.

    The Pro Series 3 Vaporizer is our top of the range pen style vaporizer.

    Ceramic VG E liquid Cartridge

    Gizmodo top pick for best vaporizer under £150

    … “The V2 Pro is one sleek little vaporizer and even after testing plenty of others designed to do essentially the same thing, this unit stands out from the pack for its e-liquid abilities in terms of cartridge capacity, unit durability, vapour quality, and general ease of use… For $60.00, that’s practically stealing! A marvellous Magnetic Vape Pen!” in its 2017 Best Vape Reviews

    Asks the question: "What is the best vape?"

    Their answer: "Easy. The V2 Series 3 Pro. It's an easy to handle, reasonably cigarette-like vape pen that ticks all the key vaping boxes ....the Apple Mac of vaporisers."

    Here at PEL we offer only the very best in innovative branded personal vaporizer and vape pen devices. There are a significant number of vaporizer options available to you on the UK market. Many are cheap generic imports. 

    The V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 best vaporizer is the latest offering from VMR products, manufacturer of USA #1 online e cigarettes V2. Vapour2 in Europe, the V2 Pro is also marketed as the OCB VAP. The Pro detects the medium you are vaping and auto-sets the optimum voltage. Unlike the multitude of nondescript vape pens on the market today the Pro vaporizer features a refill tank and charging system that is managed via a magneto-lock system. This along with its 2-piece design ensures no nasty e-liquid leaks. A new revolutionary thinking vaporizer.

    Gizmodo UK review.

    "V2 Pro Series 3.... replete with bells and whistles that put it in another league to the Vype, the VIP and the Blu"

    "The Pro Series 3 is thrice as expensive as the others tested, but to say it is three times better isn't too much of a recommendation stretch"

    Is the Pro 3 worth the investment? Smoking a pack of traditional cigarettes will cost around £66 per week (every week). Get the Pro 3 at under £60!   


    Overview. What makes the Series 3 the new standard in vaporizer tech  V2 Pro Product Line Overview

    The V2 PRO Revolution

    V2 Pro is a ground-breaking line of vaporizers that is raising the bar for the entire category. An all-purpose device capable of vaporizing three types of ingredients, the V2 Pro delivers options and performance at a value unmatched by any other system on the market. Probably the best vape pen in the UK right now!

    • Cartridges and charging cord secure magnetically.
    • Single-body construction reduces risk of breaks and leaks.
    • Stylish and sleek exterior.
    • A great kit for beginners or experienced vapers.
    • Priced at the cost of a week's supply of cigarettes - invest in the best.

    Advanced Cartridge Technology

    The V2 Pro is equipped with smart technology, able to recognise each type of cartridge. Simply insert a cartridge into the recessed chamber and your device will automatically warm to the optimal temperature for that cartridge type for the best vaping experience.  




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    1. Jacki Superstar

      I bought the Vapour2 Pro Series3 a few weeks ago and was disappointed to find very short battery life and the casing getting very hot after two or three puffs. I wrote a review mentioning this but didn’t see it appear. I started looking for a new product.
      I received a call from Jacki Edwards who questioned my review and expressed surprise at my findings.
      Long story short my unit was replaced and new one arrived in the post. The battery actually lasts longer than advertised and I am extremely pleased to say the least.
      Can’t believe the customer service from Pure E-Liquids and will be recommending this company to all my smoking and vaping friends.
      Thanks again.
      on 17th Sep 2018

    2. Fully Satisfied

      I cannot express enough how pleased I am with after sale service. I thought my pen was faulty, but it actually needed a new cartridge, and I was given new one for free from the sales department as a reward for hassle during return process. After using a mod box for a while before I had my pen back, I must say that pen smoke taste and quality is incomparable to the mod box. It's absolutely the best device I have ever tried and worth all the money. The pure-liquids company is very professional too! And I would highly recommend them as well as their products, which are the highest quality! on 24th Oct 2017

    3. Excellent three system vaper.

      I've tried all three options, e liquid, dry herb and wax. With a little practice and patience all three systems work well. An added bonus is that you are able to load the exact amount of the medium you choose.
      A well made and effective piece of kit.
      on 30th Mar 2016

    4. Extremely pleased

      I recently decided to purchase two V2 Pro series 3 Vapourisers. I am extremely pleased with them and the supplied E-Liquids. They give lots of vapour together with an excellent throat hit. The units are of the highest quality as are the E-Liquids supplied. The magnetic liquid cartridges and charging leads are a superb idea as are the green & red charging LED's. Also the batteries last a long time between charging. I found mixing Congress 50% and Menthol 50% gives the best result for me but my advice is to experiment yourself. My order and my email enquiries were dealt with promptly by Ruth and I would recommend the products and the company wholeheartedly. Finally I am not connected to this company at all - I am just a very happy customer - Keep up the excellent work! on 8th Feb 2016

    5. Best vaporizer I've Had

      This neat vape pen not only vapes e liquid it also vapes my dry herb / loose leaf so I only need ONE device for all my vape needs, saves money and saves space! Tried a few e cigs, Vype etank was fine no good for 20 per day smokers though. Pro 3 gives loads of vapour with e liquids not so much with dry herb but I learnt thats normal - Im not burning 2000+ chemicals just dry material - Tip 1 I add a drop or 2 of 0% ejuice which then gives a good vapour. Tip 2 - grind your herb/tobacco then vape once, mix it up with the mix tool then vape again! on 15th Oct 2015

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