Vuse: the Complete Guide as Vype Rebrands

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 18th Aug 2021

Vuse E-Liquids and Pods

Since 2013, USA-based brand Vype ( now rebranded to Vuse) have demonstrated their knowledge and awareness of the vaping industries need to innovate. Impressing vapers with a range of vape kits, e-liquids, coils and pods, they welcome new vapers and satisfy the needs of their current consumers with fantastic products. Over the years, Vype went from a small start-up to becoming one of the leading brands in the US e-cigarette division. Next up, they branched out to Europe and beyond, making strides in the UK particularly. After that initial growth, they have decided to rebrand to Vuse, stating their ‘new look makes it easier to spot Vuse in-store and online’.

Vuse E-Liquids - What’s Different to Vype?

Not a major overhaul but Vuse, with a few welcome additions to the collection of e-liquid flavours and a package change, get our seal of approval! We eagerly anticipate all new devices released in 2021 and beyond, rivalling brands like VOOPOO, Innokin and SMOK to help smokers quit. In the past, the Vype ePod Vape KitVype vPure E-liquid and the Vype ePen 3 impressed many smokers transitioning to vaping, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Vuse!

Like all vaping manufacturers, Vuse continues to look at ways to evolve its product range. For now, let’s check out their latest e-liquids and how they differ from previous Vype e-liquids and pods:

Vuse Blended Tobacco E-Liquid  

1) Blended Tobacco

An instant favourite with vapers because of their similarity with a traditional cigarette, Vuse has created a carefully blended Tobacco e-liquid to top up your tank or pod. Because of TPD regulations, it’s only available in 10ml like all e-liquids containing nicotine, and it’s only available in a 6mg strength, so that’s something to consider depending on how much of a throat hit you crave. Mixing tobacco flavours, similar to the Vype edition they did in the past, it’s blended at medium VG, creating the right draw for mouth to lung vaping. If you’re fresh from giving up smoking and seeking a similar sensation, this may be the perfect e-liquid to start your journey.

Vuse Dark Cherry E-Liquid  

2) Dark Cherry

For those with a subtle sweet tooth - not too sweet but sweet enough, the Dark Cherry flavoured e-liquid from Vuse hits just the right spot. Available at a higher nicotine strength of 18mg, it's aimed towards heavy smokers who were used to roughly a pack a day. With red fruit notes and a hint of dark cherry, this lovely mix offers just enough flavour to go along with the throat hit you might be after. Like with the majority of Vuse e-liquids, it’s a medium ratio of VG again, so just enough cloud and flavour for a mouth to lung. Not too much cloud that would put a former smoker off but still a careful blend of good taste and nicotine satisfaction.

Vuse Crisp Mint E-Liquid  

3) Crisp Mint

Another classic from Vuse, Crisp Mint works wonders for those who seek a menthol kick. Because of the 2020 ban on menthol cigarettes, helping to curb those addictions leaving only one flavour for smoking, many smokers have now turned to e-cigarettes as a considerably healthier alternative. To still get the nicotine you require and that menthol hit, Crisp Mint is the ideal substitution. Made in the UK like all of the Vuse e-liquids and flavoured pods, expect a blend of peppermint, mint leaves and spearmint to tickle your taste buds and enjoy a refreshing cooling exhale.

Vuse Fresh Apple E-Liquid  

4) Fresh Apple

There’s nothing like the taste of apple in your e-liquid. Some e-liquid manufacturers produce inadequate vape juice that barely has any taste but that’s not the case with Vuse. They’ve created an e-liquid to remind you of popular green apples. At 12mg, it matches the nicotine levels of a vaper in between the level of a social smoker and heavy smoker, so it’s fairly strong for new vapers who are not used to higher levels of nicotine. Ideal for mouth to lung vaping, it’s got a hint of mint blended in as well to create an overall great experience in most vape kits.

What About Vuse Pods?

Finally, we have Vuse Pods, which have also gone through a rebranding, similar to the e-liquids. Similar in flavour to Vype but with an improved taste, these pods are just as easy to remove and add to your empty vape pen. Particularly popular with new vapers due to the convenience, you can get a range of flavours: Golden Tobacco, Chilled Mint, delicious Tropical Mango and the equally enjoyable Very Berry range pictured. Each cartridge offers around 275 puffs and is also refillable to use again with another nic salt or freebase nicotine e-liquid (after washing out the pod). Puff activated with a ‘no spill’ design, they’re simple to use, easy to vape and ideal for vaping while out and about. Please bear in mind these pods are only compatible with the Vuse and Vype range of devices.

  Vuse Very Berry Refillable Nic Salt Pods

So there you have it, Vype is no more and Vuse is what you will be seeing more of over the coming years. As a brand, Vuse has kept the popular traditions running with similar style vape kits for beginners and advanced alike, but even more user-friendly to accommodate different requirements. The e-liquids and pods have gone through new packaging and flavour testing to ensure customers get the best results when they vape using the Vuse name and we look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future. You can find all of the Vuse e-liquid range here, including their pods. Our customer service team is also happy to assist if you have any questions relating to the Vuse rebranding and what it means for your previous Vype products. However, rest assured all Vype products work in Vuse equipment and vice versa.