Lost Mary Review - Created by Elf Bar But Are They as Good?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 29th Jan 2024

Collection of Lost Mary Disposable Vapes

Even though Lost Mary has only been around since 2022, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves. Created by Elf Bar, they’re one of the two leading vape brands in the smoking cessation space. Below we review some of their best Lost Mary flavours available today devices and compare the disposables against not just Lost Mary pod kits but the Elf Bar collection too!

With the patented and highly sought-after QUAQ mesh coil technology, which you can expect from Lost Mary and Elf Bar, both deliver excellent smooth nicotine delivery and highly consistent flavour delivery from start to finish for new and experienced vapers.

Lost Mary offers a similar alternative to cigarettes, with their pioneering disposable vape collections, including the popular BM600,QM600, BM600S, 3500 and many more with so many different flavours to choose from.

And more recently, Lost Mary has upped their game further by releasing their highly anticipated range of e-liquids, called Maryliq, which offers the same great taste in a refillable format. In addition, they've decided to address the need for reusable kits with the creation of the Lost Mary Tappo pod kit and the DM600 disposable pod kit too.

How Do Lost Mary Disposables Match Up Against Elf Bar Disposable Vapes?

There are clear indications that both are designed by the same company, and yet there are subtle unique qualities you can find with each. For instance, in terms of the design, the packaging clearly shows it’s from the same manufacturer. But the shape of the disposables is perhaps shorter and easier to hide for those who like a discreet vape with the Lost Mary range.

The flavours are fantastic and so rich with the Lost Mary and the Elf Bars. Based on longevity and smooth textures, the Lost Mary disposable vapes just edge to highlight the value and overall experience.

Elf Bar over the past few years has become a household name for their brilliant disposables, which you’ll find on plenty of social media videos which have attracted media attention. They’ve even branched out into useful pod kits such as the Elf Bar Mate 500 with pre filled P1 Pods and the exciting new Elfa Pro Pod Kit, such as the popularity of the brand and demand for high-intensity flavours in a more sustainable option.

And yet, as a comparison between the two, currently Lost Mary stands out as a new type of vape that is something new and exciting. The design, colours and shapes of the kits are seriously cool, while the long-lasting flavour is a great replacement for cigarettes thanks to their nic salt content. Let’s check out some of the best flavours they offer so far.

What are the Best Lost Mary Flavours?

Red Apple Ice (QM600 Disposable)

Lost Mary has two flavours to pick from for anyone seeking sweet apple notes. There is a double apple puff bar, which is a more intense option should you have a sweeter tooth but the pick of the bunch has to be red apple ice.

Offering more of a subtle delicacy, this nic salt e-liquid boasts a refreshing amount of natural flavour, tasting just like apples with a nice cooling exhale.

Bamboo Aloe (BM600 Disposable)

The marmite of vape juice Lost Mary flavours, Bamboo Aloe is something you’ll either love or may not to your tasting requirements. But what have you got to lose? As far as fresh tasting and more on the mild side goes, this is right up there with the best!

If you’re after something not too overpowering or sweet, this naturally flavoured disposable vape will work very well for you. It’s a bit like a green tea-flavoured drink, but a slightly sweeter taste.

Offering a smooth delivery and a great aftertaste, this one should not be overlooked but may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Pineapple Ice (Maryliq E-Liquid)

A delicious mix of pineapple flavourings, the Maryliq top pick from us is Pineapple Ice, with a cooling sensation on the exhale. Maryliq has taken the world by storm, offering tons of different unique Lost Mary flavours to satisfy the everyday vaper.

Intriguing options like Lime Rum and Tropical Island transport you to another world of flavour while there is a wide collection of other fruity options to choose from. It really depends on what you’re after!

Most importantly, Maryliq e-liquids are designed to save you money long-term compared to cigarettes or disposable vapes. They’re compatible with most pod vape kits or vape pens and offer fantastic flavour and throat-hit delivery.

Watermelon Ice (QM600 Disposable)

Another example of why disposables are so popular. A quick inhalation of a 2ml puff bar that combines sweet watermelon with a refreshing ice exhale. It’s got a real summer vibe to it so it’s the perfect option for those long days at parties or weddings as it conveniently fits in your pocket and is easy to dispose of. Not too sweet but enough of a kick to satisfy both nicotine and sugar cravings.

Mint Tobacco (BM600 Disposable)

A delicately flavoured vape that provides a strong minty taste and just a whisper of tobacco notes in there. It’s a surprisingly nice mixture of Lost Mary flavours, with less of a cooling sensation that you get with menthol but still leaving that nice refreshing aftertaste.

More often than not, smokers do not miss the taste of tobacco but rather the habitual sensation they get. This is a disposable vape that provides a subtle hint of that tobacco flavour, so it could be a welcome addition to any collection. The mint is just enough that there is a little bit of sweetness to it, with more of a nutty aroma and taste instead.

Pina Kiwi Lemonade (BM600S Disposable)

Next up we have an interesting blend of flavours, combining the sweet citrus flavour of fizzy lemonade with the sweet punchy tropical fruits of pineapple and kiwi.

It’s a crisp and punchy disposable flavour that delivers plenty of flavour to satisfy any cravings you may have. Best of all, the shape and design of the BM600S are ergonomic and user-friendly to carry around in the pocket and hold discreetly if needed.

Mad Blue (QM600 Disposable)

Another great choice from Lost Mary is Mad Blue, which is ideal for those who love sour and sweet flavours. The long-lasting flavour is what sets this brand apart and delights those wanting a convenient vape that doesn’t let up after a few puffs.

Mouth-to-lung vapers can use this on the go sporadically over a few days or frequently depending on the amount of nicotine they need. It’s eerily similar to parma violets if you love those nostalgic sweets.

Triple Berry Ice(Maryliq E-Liquid)

If you’re searching for vape juice in a bottle that contains a carefully formulated union of berry flavours – strawberry, raspberry and blueberry – then this is a wonderful option.

Triple Berry from the Maryliq range is a 50/50 PG and VG-designed e-liquid that provides just enough equal cloud production and flavour to create a smooth throat hit. The great moorish taste of this vape juice is only matched by the sweet value you get from this 10ml bottle, which can refill a vape pod or tank multiple times.

Available in a 20mg nic salt strength like all of the solutions from Lost Mary in this list, this is the best option in terms of flavour and long-lasting value.

Final Thoughts

Lost Mary continues to build from strength to strength, representing a healthy rivalry and competition to match the juggernaut that is Elf Bar. Despite a shorter history, in a very quick time, we’ve witnessed the growth of Lost Mary as a brand that can deliver not just a longer-lasting flavour profile with iconic flavours like Blue Sour Raspberry but some seriously cool-looking devices to match.

It’s early days yet but we could soon see them overtake Elf Bar as the number one brand if they continue to innovate along the same trajectory as the past two years. You can read our comprehensive review here of the best Elf Bar flavours, or browse through some of our favourite Lost Mary products, which are updated regularly!

Even though Lost Mary has only been around since 2022, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves. Created by Elf Bar, they’re one of the two leading vape brands in the smoking cessation space.