Innokin Arcfire Review – a Stunning Design

Posted by Pure E Liquids on 26th Mar 2024

The future of vaping is becoming clearer in the UK. As we slowly move away from the sudden surge in popularity of disposables – there is a desire for an alternative replacement beyond 2025. Disposable vapes do have their market currently because they’re convenient and simple to vape. But they also divide opinion because of the need to constantly dispose of batteries. That’s where a pod kit system like the Innokin Arcfire vape kit provides a solution!

It’s the next step up from disposables, where you get to keep the battery and charge it. With a flawless design, quick charge capability and simple form factor, could it help people to move away from disposables, in addition to offering a first pod kit for smokers looking to quit? Let’s check out the key features of the Arcfire and see if it’s a device worthy of recommendation in this review.

Is the Innokin Arcfire Pod Kit One of a Kind?

You bet it is! Especially from Innokin. There are similar pod kits for beginners by Innokin such as the Klypse or the Endura. But in terms of the smart design and flavour profile, we think this not only trumps previous Innokin pod devices but is certainly one of the best of 2024 so far.

We wouldn’t rank it the best pod kit ever. However, for someone new to vaping or seeking a great-value vape kit that offers easy-to-fill and use pods, you can’t go wrong with the Innokin Arcfire in our opinion.

The battery capacity of 650mAh is nothing to shout from the rooftops about. It’s enough to work as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape throughout the day. And quickly charges when you need to, which is highlighted in the key features specifications below.

But it stands alone compared to other devices because it has a premium feel for a decent price of just over £10 for the kit with a pod included. The design is smooth and sophisticated in a range of colours, and the shiny black stripe through the middle of the pod kit is a nice touch which makes it stand out.

Key Specifications Of The Arcfire

  • 650mAh battery capacity
  • Charges to 75% in 30 minutes
  • Fixed wattage
  • 2ml side-fill leakproof pods
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • LED battery indicator
  • Fixed ‘Arc Coil’ mesh coils
  • Button activation
  • Weight – 44g
  • 11 x 23 x 18 mm

How Does It Vape?

There are not too many drawbacks when vaping the Arcfire. For the price, you get a much better experience than you would expect.

It offers a decent amount of vapour with a high-quality feel for awesome value. The Innokin Arcfire pods are aimed at the classic MTL draw you get when smoking, so are best suited with nic salts or high-strength e-liquids.

The pods offer nice longevity at roughly 1-2 weeks maximum use with consistently smooth and fresh flavour, rarely diminishing in texture or output.

Featuring an auto-draw switch, you can simply vape by inhaling from the mouthpiece. It’s lightweight and easy to hold with a comfortable feeling in the hand thanks to the contoured edges and cylindrical shape.

The auto-draw switch fires straight away, which is handy, and the mouthpiece is slightly wider than expected, which I think is to cater to both the 1.2 Ohm pod with the device but also the 0.8 Ohm that offers a looser MTL draw.

Is There a Best Compatible Coil from the Collection?

This is an interesting thought but can be answered very simply. The best coil depends on your personal preference and expectation as a vaper.

If you seek a traditional MTL experience with a draw like a cigarette, the 1.2 pod is more than enough to satisfy your throat hit intention. This pod would work best with nic salts or 18 mg freebase nicotine e-liquids.

And for a looser vape, if you wish, you can buy a 0.8 mesh coil separately that caters to the more popular airy MTL draw many like today. This is best vaped with a 12mg or 6mg e-liquid.

Design And Functionality Explained

The design is like a disposable. It’s very easy to use and hold in the hand. Only one button exists, which is just to see the battery indicator. It's a cool flashing experience with three dots, highlighting the level left and noting when you’re in the danger zone. There are three dots for 65% or higher, two dots for half charge between 65% and 15% and one light flashing means it needs to be charged (15% or lower).

Overall, when looking at the Arcfire vape kit, the design is stunning, with a smooth and comfortable form factor. The colour schemes are beauty personified with a very elegant and yet simple appeal.

It’s the ideal step up from a disposable. Innokin is a reliable brand that creates fantastic devices for beginners. Not customisable, or packed with gimmicks, but provides mesh coils for great flavour, easy on-the-eye pods, and a cool LED light at the bottom which illuminates when vaping.

The pods themselves are easy to fill with no leaks. Each pod is clearly marked so you don’t confuse the 1.2 Ohm with the 0.8 Ohm, which can happen if you have both and quickly change on the go.

Any Drawbacks?

  • The pods are not very visible to see the e-liquid level
  • No airflow adjustment


To summarise, we love the Innokin Arcfire pod kit for its simple yet effective nature. The design is fantastic to vape effortlessly on the go, with a range of colours available that stand out. Because there are no screen adjustments to make, and the pods are easy to swap and fill with vape juice, it’s the ideal setup to move on from disposables and certainly one of the best first devices to quit smoking.

If you have any further questions about the stylish Arcfire or would like to know about a device with similar features but perhaps a few more customisable upgrades, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team by webchat or over the phone!

The future of vaping is becoming clearer in the UK. As we slowly move away from the sudden surge in popularity of disposables – there is a desire for an alternative replacement beyond 2025. Disposable vapes do have their market currently because they’re convenient and simple to vape.