Best Gold Bar Vape Flavours of 2024

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 9th Jul 2024

Combination of Gold Bar Devices and Packaging

What is a Gold Bar Vape?

A couple of things spring to mind when you think of Gold Bars. First, you may think of the best heist movies with Gold Bars falling off the back of a truck from a bank job, or even delicious Gold Bar biscuits. But the exciting Gold Bar Vapes are the point of discussion today, as we review the various fruity flavours offered to vapers who seek an intense throat hit and maximum flavour from the mesh coil design.

Made by Vape Gold, their disposables provide an easy route into vaping to help smokers switch over effortlessly. With a 360mAh, mesh coils and tons of fruity flavours available, vapers have a simple all-in-one disposable system to get started that can be used with no knowledge of vaping as it’s so simple to vape.

Who are Vape Gold?

Steeped in mystery and glamour (based on the striking packaging of Gold Bar), Vape Gold is a brand name under the umbrella of Flavour Warehouse Ltd, which creates e-liquids such as the Vampire Vape range.

Produced in the UK, Vape Gold states that they ‘stand as a beacon of craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury’. Creating disposables, pod kits and nic salt e-liquids, the brand just looks premium, and they heavily focus on constant testing and tweaking of their products thanks to cutting-edge technology to make the best products for vapers at affordable prices.

Do Vape Gold Just Sell Disposable Vapes?

To begin with, Vape Gold focused on the disposable vape market, rivalling the likes of Elf Bar and Lost Mary with a stylish device that looks and feels premium. However, following the proposed ban of disposable vapes in the UK by 2025, Vape Gold has also shifted towards a more sustainable and reusable option for vapers who want more bang for their buck. Watch this space for Vape Gold refillable pod kits and 10ml nic salt e-liquids as Gold Bar flavours remain a go-to for all levels of vaping who like the traditional mouth-to-lung style.

How Many Puffs in a Gold Bar?

A Gold Bar disposable vape has roughly 600 puffs per single-use device. This is standard for the industry and fills a 2ml max capacity e-liquid tank inside a disposable, as per European TPD regulations.

Based on frequency of use, this can last anywhere between one to five days depending on use, so for the bargain price of under £5, it’s the perfect device for beginners as it’s prefilled, charged and ready to go out of the sealed packaging.

What are the Best Gold Bar Vape Flavours?

Based on testing in the office, heavy debate and friendly banter, we have compiled a subjective list below of our favourites which will appeal to some but create controversy and discussion among keen vapers seeking their favourite flavour. Gold Bar has focused on classic fruit flavours as well as popular fruit options to rival competitors such as Elf Bar, while also throwing into the mix a couple of intriguing flavours not seen before. Check out our top picks below:

1. Blue Raspberry

Let’s kick off with a popular flavour of blue raspberry, typically offered with nearly every brand of e-liquid or disposable you can think of. It's a well-liked flavour that vapers go for on a regular basis!

Having tested tons of different manufacturers who provide this tangy flavour, we can say that Vape Gold have hit the nail on the head with their batch. The consistency is long-lasting, it’s very sweet but still not overpowering.

2. Prime

This is based on the popular drinks, and it’s another that’s divided opinion for good reason. Mixing strawberry, raspberry and blueberry is inspired, but for some may feel too sweet. If you seek a sugar rush or an intense boost of flavour, Prime is the one, but if you like a more subtle taste when vaping, Prime should be approached with more caution before adding to the basket.

3. Hawaiian Sunrise

Another tropical mix we love that amalgimates the awesome combo of sweet watermelon, juicy pineapple notes and ripe peach flavours. With this particular disposable, you get a little bit of each, which is refreshing as typically that many flavours tends to mean one flavour you can’t taste as much. If you love a sweet vape, this is the perfect choice.

4. Banana Ice

You can’t have a list of Gold Bar flavours without one containing ice, and this certainly ticks a box for those who want a kick on the exhale. The cooling sensation mixes well with the sweet notes of banana manufacturerd. It’s not their best flavour and we have tried better banana ice flavours, but Vape Gold has still done a good job with this one.

5. Spearmint

A rare menthol option from Gold Bar is the intense hit of spearmint you can enjoy when vaping. Spearmint is a go-to for mint enthusiasts because it’s a sweeter menthol flavour and not as sharp as other mint notes. This one is fresh and icy with just enough of a throat hit.

6. Blueberry Peach

This is a nice combination of tangy and sweet. The refreshing notes of blueberry which adds acidity, and the sweet taste of peach is a welcome addition to any vape collection.

7. Bora Bora

We love this flavour because it’s a unique name blending not-often-seen flavours. Mixing the tang of grapefruit with the sweet notes of berries is an inspired choice for the Gold Bars.

If you’re seeking something bold, smooth and different, Bora Bora may be for you. However, some in the office said it was a hit and miss flavour because grapefruit is a marmite-type of flavour that divides opinion.

So, there you have it – we have evaluated some of our favourite flavours, as well as analysing a couple of Gold Bar flavours we were not as keen on but still wanted to highlight as part of our fair summary to help vapers narrow down their choice.

With lots of other Gold Bar flavours to choose from, including Peach Mango Watermelon or Strawberry Parfait, vapers are spoilt for choice.

And because Vape Gold have set a high bar for others to follow, they will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible to entice vapers with the best value and flavour consistency, delivering a combination of bold flavour and an intense throat hit from 20mg nic salts.

Keep your eyes on this page for further developments, as we will add more products from Vape Gold over the next few months and wait with anticipation to see how Vape Gold will add to the Gold Bar collection.

A couple of things spring to mind when you think of Gold Bars. First, you may think of the best heist movies with Gold Bars falling off the back of a truck from a bank job, or even delicious Gold Bar biscuits.