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Who doesn’t love a little mystery in their life? In this exciting package, you will find five or 10 different disposable vapes from some of the major brands such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary, picked at random*.

Available in 20mg nic salt strengths, they are ideal for heavy smokers seeking a similar sensation with a smooth draw and throat hit.

You can also pick 10mg nic salt strengths if you are further along in the nicotine cessation journey or a social smoker looking to quit. Please note that some items may be close to the sell-by date.

*Items are picked and packaged before the order is placed so we’re not able to grant requests or modify changes to the variation.

Potential Mystery Box Items**

  • Geek Bar Meloso
  • Elf Bar 600 V2
  • Lost Mary QM600
  • Vuse Go 700
  • Elf Bar 600
  • Lost Mary BM600
  • Element Klik Klak
  • Elux Legend Mini 2

**Multiple variants possible of the same brand with different flavours

Why is a Multipack of Disposables a Great Choice?

  • Can test different flavours plus not set to one nicotine strength
  • Variety is the spice of life!
  • If you don’t know what to buy or how to use a vape, a wider selection of disposables is a great starting point, and removes indecisiveness
  • Great value and simply packaged with delivery to your doorstep!


  • 5 or 10 Pack of Mystery Disposable Vapes

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