RipTide RipStick Kit Bundle

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  • Riptide Ripstick Kit Bundle
  • The Riptide Ripstick Vape Pod Kit
  • Ripstick 500 mAh battery and a pod
  • Ripstick Starter kit with 6 flavour pods
  • Riptide RipStick Starter Kit with tobacco NicTech liquid
  • Ripstick with NicTech Mint e-liquid
  • Riptide Ripstick: Ideal Shisha vape with 6 flavours
  • Ripstick vape Kit with NicTech Blue Raspberry  e-liquid
  • Riptide Ripstick and mint pod
  • Riptide Ripstick and Berry Crunch liquid pod
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Pod Capacity:
3 X 1.4 ml
10 mm X 22 mm X 88 mm
500 mAh
May vary


RipStick Kit Bundle

Get the RipStick Starter Kit, a superior vape pod system, and 23 pods of your choice! The perfect to start your journey to quitting smoking. If you would like to mix and match the flavours tell us in the free text box below how many of each flavour you require.

*Riptide pods have an expiry date of 31/01/22 and will be discontinued from sale after this time.

Made by vapers for vapers, the RipStick Start Kit (an ideal all-in-one vape kit) contains everything a user could want in looking to either quit smoking, transition away from cigarettes and nicotine, or a vaper looking to experience something new.

Through NicTech, the flavour of the RipStick pods are second-to-none. Containing no benzoic acid that is found in traditional tobacco plant-extracted e-liquid, the enhanced tobacco-free nicotine technology produces higher satisfaction, greater taste and a smoother-than-salt draw.
Get the RipStick Starter Kit and #RIDEtheWAVE with a superior vape pod system.

The RipStick Starter Kit contains:

  • 1x RipStick Device
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Guide
  • 23x RipStick Pods  
  • Pick your Flavours - Any Flavour Combination.

RipStick Starter Kit Specifications


  • Upgraded 500mAh battery
  • Consistent wattage output
  • USB-C charging cable included
  • Pod connectivity and battery indicator light
  • Draw activated
  • 3 X 1.4 ml capacity pods: 4.2ml total
  • Free from Benzoic acid
  • Tobacco-free nicotine
  • 6 incredible flavours
  • 2 nicotine strengths (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml)
  • Disposable pods
  • Packaging may vary

The perfect vape device for a flavoursome draw

Utilising the power of its 500mAh battery, the consistent wattage output of the RipStick and RipStick pod unite to form a highly functional vape pod device that has not only substance but also has the style to match.

Experience 6 different, incredible flavours free from tobacco, Benzoic acid and additional impurities in the pre-filled RipStick pods. Choose from 2 nicotine strengths (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml) and expect vaping to get that bit tastier and nicotine cravings to be truly satisfied.

RipStick Pod flavours include:

  • Bright Leaf Tobacco: A traditional tobacco taste featuring flavours of carefully cured tobacco leaves.
  • Mint: Crisp and cool - let this sweet mint-flavoured vape refresh your palate and rejuvenate your senses.
  • Blue Raspberry: Bold, beautiful, and brimming with flavour, the elusive blue raspberry is re-created and re-imagined in this excellent tasting pod.
  • Mango: Sweet and succulent – get set to enjoy the mouthwatering delights of mango for a vaping experience to remember.
  • Tropical: This daiquiri inspired cocktail of coconut, ripe peaches and juicy strawberries will transport you to white-sandy beaches drenched in sunshine in no time.
  • Berry Crunch: Enjoy a tart-and-tangy blend of fruit accompanied by a touch of cream and granola that completes this cereal inspired treat.


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Note: This product cannot be shipped to the USA or Canada, please visit www.vaperiptide.com or www.vaperiptide.ca for purchasing in these countries.

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