Vype E-Liquids

Vype e-liquids are rigorously tested. Since it is the vapour you inhale and the vapour that delivers the satisfaction, it is very important for us to know exactly what the vapour contains. This is why Vype put so much care and research into every e-liquid and every product they make — to ensure purity of ingredients, consistent vapour quality and satisfaction from start to finish.

vype e liquid testedSo whenever you see this sign you know the vapour you inhale has been rigorously tested. Vype e-liquids are tested in conjunction with Vype devices and other Vype e Liquids. Vype e Liquids are recommended for use with Vype devices. Do not mix with other substances apart from other Vype e Liquids. Vapour quality and satisfaction may vary if used other than as recommended. Vype e liquid bottles are available in a range of satisfying flavours.

Vype E-Liquid. Use and Storage

  • Peel off the tamper-evident band from the lid of the Vype bottle. Do not use if band is not intact.
  • To open the bottle, gently press the two indicated pressure points on the side of the lid.
  • Gently pour the e-liquid into the tank of your device as per the device’s filling instructions (ensuring you do not overfill). You will need to gently press on the soft spot located on one side of the bottle.
  • Ensure the bottle lid is properly closed after use to avoid leakage or spillage.
  • You should refill your device tank before the e Liquid drops below the minimum fill level on your tank.
  • Store between 0-25*C

Vype E-Liquid VG and PG content referenceVype e-liquid, PG and VG content

We characterise the propylene glycol (PG) and the vegetable glycerine (VG) in Vype e Liquids as Low, Medium or High to indicate the level in the e Liquid formulation as a percentage of the total e Liquid formulation. See the applicable range for each level. Vype is made by Nicoventures, a company owned by BAT.

The brand new Vype ePod is available alongside a range of accessories, including replacement prefilled pods and chargers - designed specifically for Vype. For a pen type vaping device check out the Vype ePen 3 which can also be used with Vype Nic Salts.

Vype is brand of the British American Tobacco (BAT) Company.