Geek Bar Disposables

As giants in the disposable vape market, Geek Bar continues to impress with a wide range of beginner-friendly vape kits in a variety of colours and flavours. Often featuring high-strength nic salt, they’re perfect for former heavy smokers or those wanting an economic vape that lasts longer. Check out the latest deals below on the game-changing Geek Bar with 575 puffs and its smaller sibling the Geek Bar Lite, as well as the brand new Geek Bar S600. You can discover the best flavoured Geek Bars across all devices here.

  • GeekVape Geek Bar S600 Promotion

    GeekVape Geek Bar S600 Disposable Vape

    Geek Bar S600 Disposable Kit Pick from 10 delicious vape flavours in a disposable format with the latest model from the Geek Bar range - the S600. Sleek, stylish and in pocket size, it’s a handy little device with 600 puffs for vaping on the go...

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    Geek bar lite flavours

    GeekVape Geek Bar Lite

    GeekVape Geek Bar Lite The GeekVape Geek Bar Lite GeekVape is a disposable vape device pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid. Geek Bar Lite is similar to the original Geek Bar, but much smaller and lighter, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping...

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    Now: £4.25
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    GeekVape Geek Bar Disposable Pod Kit

    Geek Bar 575 Puffs Disposable by GeekVape

    Geek Bar 575 Puffs Disposable by GeekVape The Geek Bar 575 Disposable, created by GeekVape, is an affordable vaping puff bar with 575 puffs, it lasts longer than a pack of 20 cigarettes, at a cheaper price. Select from 19 great flavours, including...

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    Now: £4.99
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