Whether you are starting your vape journey and giving up smoking, looking for a sensible alternative to help you quit, or an advocate of vaping and enjoy experiencing vapour, V2 are known to cover all grounds. For a novice, turning to the Vapour2 Starter Kit is a no brainer: combining simplistic e-cigarette-like commands with gorgeous tasting e-liquid, you’ll soon transition to the PRO Series 3 and begin to to see why V2 are unparalleled and unrivalled. We are one of the few UK shops to stock these exclusive products, so browse and shop in confidence, and receive free UK delivery on any order over £49.99.


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    Vsavi vape pen for e liquid, most popular

    E-Liquid Starter Kit

    All-in-One E-Liquid Starter Kit The Vapour2 E-Liquid Starter Kit is a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way to begin vaping. Not only is it our favourite vape pen kit, but it’s arguably the best vape pen on the market. V2 Cigs are...

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  • Official magnetic charging cable for the V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen.


    V2 Pro Series 3 Charging Cable (USB)

    Official charging cable for the V2 Pro Series 3. With this charging cable you are able to use your device while it charges. Connect the cord’s magnetic head to the port on your V2 pro, then plug the USB into any compatible device.

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  • V2 Vsavi Liquid cartridges for use with the best and revolutionary V2 Vsavi Pro series 3 vape pen

    V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 Liquid Cartridge

    V2 Vsavi Pro 3 e-Liquid Cartridge The V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 E-liquid Cartridge is designed for use with V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 Vaporizer and utilises the latest technology and can be refilled and reused up to 20 times. The magnetic fit connects to your...

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  • V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 vaporizer Colours

    V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 Vaporizer Kit

    V2 Vsavi PRO Series 3 Vaporizer Kit Make the transition from smoking with ease by selecting the fantastic lightweight user-friendly Vsavi Pro Series 3 as your vape pen of choice. Boasting an internal 850mAh battery, that’s more than enough for...

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  • The elegant Vsavi Battery. Running at an impressive 4.2 Volts.

    V2 Cigarette Battery

    Like all V2 cigs batteries, these offer 4.2 volts which is far higher than your average e-cig battery. Generally the larger a battery is, the higher the capacity. Choose from the mini for neat discrete vaping or the long for all day vaping. Combined with...

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    Our best Shisha pen. The Vsavi hookah pen range.

    V2 Cigs E-Liquid Vape Pen Kit

    Shisha Pen | V2 Cigs Shisha Pen Vape Kit The Classic Standard Shisha Pen Kit is based on the extremely popular rechargeable Shisha Pen but this vape kit also includes a 1 x 10 ml bottle of Vapour2 platinum e-liquid in a flavour of your choice. The...

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