Posted by Pure E Liquids on 17th Oct 2015

Is VG e-Liquid Best for Clouds?

If you enjoy cloud chasing then you need to solve a three dimensional puzzle to get the most vapour.

  • Which Vaporizer should you use ?
  • The Tank or Atomizer design that gives the best vapour.
  • The E Liquid flavour, taste and strength.

Most cloud chasers use VG e liquid combined with a lower ratio of PG e liquid with the strength ranging between 3 mg and 6 mg. If you use a higher strength e liquid and inhale too much then you may start to get dizzy or feel a little sick. (See our blog on VG e liquid for maximum vapour without the need for a PG mixer here)

The E liquid tank design you choose is rather subjective because you can get masses of vapour from many tanks and atomizers.

Rebuild-able dripping atomizers (RDAs) are popular at the moment because of their flexibility. You can change the wick or coil, the amount of air flow, the resistance etc. The  Kanger Subox Mini offers both RBA for DIY vapers and Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) which are the pre-built options for those who don't wish to fiddle around building their own. Add in the variable voltage options of a vaporizer then the combinations are almost endless. You can also spend a lot of money trying endless combinations to get the best results. Changing coil sand rebuilding RDAs can be good fun but it can also be messy as it’s easy to spill e liquid. Ensure you clean all the threads and screw the atomizer together properly or you may get e liquid leaking in to vaporizer and this can cause damage.

It is often quicker and cheaper in the long run to use disposable cartridges or atomisers with your vaporizer. These can be regularly refilled with e liquid and used for two to three weeks before they need replacing. If you look at the time savings and reduction in leaks they can work out to be the best option in the long run.

Variable temperature and variable voltage vaporizers are all the rage but how much variation do you really need ? What is the difference in vapour production between temperature settings of 193 degrees and 194 degrees ? Not much really!

If you are a new or even a reasonably experienced vaper it’s often better to choose a vaporizer with a few pre-optimized temperature settings for ease of use at the push of a button. Leave the fully flexible devices to the really advanced users.

Finally it’s always recommended that vapers check the ingredients of their e liquid. Some manufacturers do not publish this information.

The good news for vapers is that e liquid manufacturers and importers will soon have to disclose their e liquid ingredients under laws introduced in the  Tobacco Products Directive.You will know what you are vaping. All our e-liquids are premium grade with full disclosure ahead of the TPD.

It's not all good news though, many vapers are Unhappy with the Tobacco Products Directive though and feel that it targets e cigarettes and e liquid unfairly. If you have an opinion, now is the time to make sure your voice is heard.