Can I fly with my E-Cig?

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Can I fly with my ECig?

This is a question we’re frequently asked about in the Summer months and quite rightly.

In 1990 British Airways banned smoking on domestic flights on a trial basis, with Virgin and United Airlines quickly following suit. We became used to the dreaded ‘last cigarette before boarding’ and the anticipation of touching down and smoking our first ‘fag’ on foreign soil.

However, the popularity of e cigarettes has taken off in recent years and more and more vapers have been left uncertain as to the rules regarding travelling by air with their e-cig.

As rules and regulations can change at any time, it’s important to consult with your airport and airline before you travel, even after reading our handy guide!

So Can you fly with an e-cig?

E-Cigarettes are banned in all UK airports apart from Heathrow. In November 2013, Heathrow created a dedicated vaping area located in Terminal 4. You are allowed to ‘vape’ within the premises but not past the gate.

On this basis we recommend you use your e-cig outside of the airport but no further. You can then ask the current policy at the check in desk.

Going Through Security

Quantities of E-Liquid must be no larger than 100ml. You will also have to place any e-liquid inside a clear plastic bag like any other liquids.

Carrying and Using e-Cigarettes on Planes

Please check with your airline to make sure there are no issues with carrying your e-cigarettes in flight as some do not allow you to pack lithium iron batteries in the hand luggage and therefore these may need to be packed in your suitcase prior to travel.

To withstand travel, we advise using a good quality and durable e cigarette with of course the best e liquid available today.

Although there have been social reports of passengers vaping during flights, as a rule using e cigarettes onboard is not permitted by any airline and we would strongly advise that you do not do this.

As reference here are some of the current policies (August 2015) from the UK and Ireland’s largest airlines;

Ryanair does not allow you to use your e-cigarettes on the plane, but you can buy smokeless cigarettes during the flight and use them on board.

EasyJet states that you can take e-cigarettes in your hand luggage or in the hold, but that you cannot use them on the plane.

British Airways sells e-cigarettes on many of its flights, depending on the destination. It does not say anything about using them on the planes, but do not expect to be allowed to do so.

Aer Lingus does not allow the use of e-cigarettes on the plane.

Virgin Atlantic states that you can carry them on board but that you are not permitted to use them.

For reference, you can check the companies websites. Here is British Airways as an example:

As we’ve seen, the current policies surrounding e cigarettes and air travel are very uncertain, although we hope we’ve cleared some of the confusion surrounding use!

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