What States Vaping is Now Banned In

What States Vaping is Now Banned In

Posted by Pure E-liquids on 21st Oct 2019

US state wide banYou may have read recently about the ominous outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths. In addition to the epidemic of youth vaping that the USA is currently experiencing, individual states are beginning to limit the sales of e cigarette products and enforce statewide bans. Let’s take a look at what states have banned.

Why Are States Banning E Cigarettes and E Liquids

As mentioned, the reason for states taking the step towards banning e cigarettes relates to the suspicious and sudden outbreak of illnesses and deaths and the potential epidemic and rise of underage vapers. While these two reasons stand on their own in terms of the concern that they cause, the problem also lies with the regulations of the US’s vaping industry.

The reality is that the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) did not take hold of the industry regulations until 2016. Any brands and products that launched before that date, are available for sale, even though they lack the essential FDA authorization to do so. While this rings some fairly immediate alarm bells, the FDA has given those companies until May 2020 to apply for authorization. Until then, products that may contain a potentially toxic ingredients list are free to sell their products, thus subjecting innocent vapers to any untoward dangers.

In the wake of the worrying vaping illness that is sweeping across America, this October, the Trump Administration started taking the steps towards removing flavoured e cigs from the market until the aforementioned FDA applications are completed. As the federal policy is finalized, individual states are making their own moves to outlaw vaping within their borders.

San Francisco became the first city in the US to ban the sale of e–liquids earlier this year and states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Delaware are mulling over similar legislation to the federal ban. However, a handful of other states have acted with immediate effect and introduced bans to limit the sale of vaping products.

Michigan First Vaping Ban

In September, Michigan became the first state to announce its ambition to reduce the sales of vaping products. On September 18, this announcement was backed by an emergency ban on all online and retail sales of flavoured vaping products, except for tobacco. Additionally, various marketing restrictions have also been imposed with companies ordered to remove words such as ‘clean’, ‘safe’, and ‘healthy’. While the band was set to last 180 days, a Michigan Court Judge has sided with retailers and claimed that the state had overstepped the lines of authority. The same judge put an injunction on the ban for six months, which effectively means that shops can sell flavoured e liquids again.

Public Health Emergency in Massachusetts

Governor Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency on September 24th citing a large number of illnesses and deaths that have been linked to vaping products. Invoking a 4-month long statewide ban of online and retail sales of all vaping products including flavoured e-liquids and cannabis-based e-liquids. Introduced immediately, the ban is expected to run until January 25 2o20.

New York E-cigarette Emergency Action

Following Governor Andrew Cuomos’s plea for emergency action to be taken, New York implemented a statewide ban on most flavoured vaping products as of September 17. With many fruity and sweet flavoured e-liquids subject to restrictions, tobacco, mint and menthol flavoured products are still for sale.

Rhode Island

Like a domino effect, the day after Massachusetts ban was revealed, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo signed an order to ban the sale of flavoured e liquids and vaping products. With reports suggesting the ban will last 120 days, the state will then be able to extend that ban for another 60 days, should there be the need to.

Washington Vaping Ban

Similarly to its fellow states that have already begun the banning of various vaping products, Washington passed an emergency ban of flavoured vaping products, including e liquids that feature THC on the 9th October. Set to last 120 days, the ban has been met with fierce criticism from the vaping community of Washington State.

Buying E-Liquid with Confidence

Buying e liquid that has been regulated and passed testing should be the only kind of e liquid that you vape. Brands such as Vapour2 and VSAVI adhere to the strict guidelines outlined by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), therefore any fears you may have over vaping these products can be instantly allayed.

Public Health England has published independent evidence that says e-cigarettes are up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and suggest that vaping has the potential to help smokers become smoke-free.