Posted by Pure E Liquids on 3rd Feb 2015

E Liquid and e Juice Ingredients

Have you ever ran out of E-liquid and popped to the garage to get whatever local E-Juice they sell? Or do you always buy from the same place? Do you have any idea what's in your e-liquid? No doubt you will read the bottle and it will give an "ingredient" list, and you will trust it.

But hold up - Why should you trust it? It wasn't that long ago nutritional information at McDonalds was as hard to find as a decent E-Juice in an overcrowded and frankly shady marketplace. Let's look at a bottle as an example:

best e liquid? - probably not

 Looks good, but what's in this E-Juice?

As far as the user can tell the ingredients on the bottle are listed as:

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Natural Flavourings

So far so good, but if you do even the slightest digging it becomes almost impossible to ascertain any more details on this E-Juice. Hangsen state on their site: "Natural Ingredients" and that's all there is to it. This all seems like marketing hype, with no stats to back it up, what ingredients are these and what's "natural" about them. I find this treatment of E-Juice highly concerning, "brand it right, it will sell" - and to be fair if you read a bottle and it states ingredients "x, y, and z" who are we to question it? We don't question the packaging on food labels.

That being said there is strict regulations on food labelling, and this doesn't necessarily apply to E-Liquids.

Let's look at our liquid as a comparison, a quick search result of "V2 platinum ingredients" pulls up 2 interesting results, the first being a PDF of every ingredient used in the Platinum range. The second being a webpage where you can input the batch number on your bottle, and the site will feedback a full lab. report of your actual batch of liquid which you can view here.

Exact ingredients, presented clearly to you so you can make your own mind up on whether they're something you want to vape. Example below -  full list here.

List of ingredients found in Platinum E-Juice