Our Best Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit. The Subox Mini upgrade.

Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit

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    KangerTech TOPBOX Mini. TC & Platinum Model

    Supports TC Coils:  NiCr / Ni / SS / TI / Kanthal

    The KangerTech TOPBOX is the Temperature Controlled upgrade version to the KangerTech SUBOX Mini. The Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit is an awesome piece of kit that is an ideal kit for experienced or new users who want a quality sub-ohm device with significant cloud production abilities. The TOPBOX is a very compact light weight vaping device that has a powerful 7-75 Watt capacity. This spec supersedes the Kanger Subox Mini.

    This product is a genuine Kangertech product with the Kanger security code for online authentication. Beware of cheap fake Kanger products that are freely available online. Please see our "Leak Free" section lower on this page that explains how to ensure leak free vaping.

    The KBOX Mini is able to fire clearomizers/tanks at 0.1 ohms making it great for cloud making enthusiast. The Kanger KBOX mini has been further refined as its more compact and its powered by a single high amp 18650 battery that nicely fits to the side of the device and is covered by a magnetic cover and has a ceramic finish. These two components coupled together produce a great piece of kit that will not disappoint users.  

    A huge advantage with the TOPBOX Mini over other devices is the KangerTech TOPTANK Mini coil set-up (vertical coils), this version is also top-filling. With this Box Mod you can use the build your own atomizer (RBA) or you can use the prebuilt OCC coils. All options are included in this kit. There is also the pass through vaping option which allows vaping whilst charging.

    This Kanger TOPBOX starter kit uses a powerful 18650 battery which can be recharged using the USB connection for operation and has the great safety features as in all Kanger products. (battery needs to be purchased separately, you may also want to consider a separate battery charger). The Kanger TOPBOX Mini Platinum UK edition is also available!

    Find your ideal flavour, try our premium grade Platinum 6 Flavour Sampler here for a superior vaping experience.

    Note: This is a sub ohm device, generally use only 0.3 or 0.6 mg strength nicotine.

    TOPTANK kit Content

    • 1 x TOPTANK Mini
    • 1 x KBOX Mini TC 75
    • 1 x 0.15 Ni200 Coil (TC)
    • 1 x 0.5 SS Coil (Stainless Steel TC)
    • 1 x 0.5 Clapton Coil
    • 1 x RBA Mini Plus
    • 1 x RBA Accessory Pack
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Authenticity Code Using Guide
    • 1 x User Manual


    • 7W - 75W
    • Top-fill – 4ml capacity
    • Supports Above 0.1‎Ω
    • Temperature Control
    • Spring Loaded 510
    • Micro USB
    • RBA Mini Plus
    • Requires an 18650 Battery

    Need More Vapour?

    Our pure organic tested EcoVape VG e-liquid is specially formulated to be less viscous and therefor can be used with Box Mods. Pure 100% VG, no dilution, no compromise! Note: This is a sub ohm device, generally use only 0.3 or 0.6 mg strength nicotine.

    In stock and probably the best price for a Kanger TOPBOX Mini on the web right now!

    More on using the Kangertech TOPBOX Mini 

    The KangerTech TOPBOX Mini like the Subox Mini before it, contains all the accessories you need to enjoy high level vapour production and cloud chasing. The Kanger Topbox Platinum is the one to go for! The kit contains both pre-built coils and for those who wish to build their own a full RBA kit is included. In addition to this there are sub-ohm coil options from 0.15 Ohms to 0.5 Ohms with both Ni, Stainless steel and a Clapton coil. The TOPBOX gives vapers an easy way to experiment with the various aspects of vaping without the need for a lot of technical knowledge. All accessories contained in the kit are fully optimised and compatible with each other. Generally, you need to use 3 - 6 mg strength nicotine ie. lower than with standard vape devices (12 - 18mg) in order to compensate for the additional vapour that is inhaled.

    It is important to ensure you obtain the correct temperature to vape a given e liquid. Different e liquids have different properties so some need a higher temperature and some a lower temperature. In order to get the "sweet spot" we suggest starting at a low setting and increase that in steps of 2 watts. At some level the vapour will feel warm as you inhale and this is the approximate optimised temperature. You then need to reduce the wattage 1 step at a time for 2-3 watts and somewhere in that scale you should find your precise "sweet spot. (you may like warm vapour so you can also increase the wattage 1 or 2 watts above this point to see which you prefer and which gives the vapour level you desire. If you change e liquids or coil resistance you will then need to repeat the steps above to ensure you are hitting the e-liquid at the right temperature.) 

    This Kangertech product is designed for advanced vapers who wish to produce massive vapour or for those who enjoy building their own, for those simply wishing to stop smoking it does not present any great advantage over the other much simpler devices available on the site. Nicotine absorption can be achieved either through high vapour + low strength e-liquid or lower vapour + higher strength e liquid. For fruit flavours the taste is more intense with sub-ohm vaping however we offer a wide range of flavours and flavour concentrations so it is not difficult to find one that suits you whether you use a sub-ohm device like the Kanger Subox Mini or a standard device like the vape pen. 

    Kanger Mini. Sub Ohm vapour production comparison

     The Kanger Subox Mini was voted best box mod 2016. See the full Kangertech Topbox Mini Review!

    Leak Free Vaping

    Your device is manufactured with precision so will not leak providing you use the product and parts correctly. Where any leaks have occurred, we have solved almost all by taking the following steps. 

    • When using the tank for the first time ensure all the parts of your tank are tightened properly, this involves finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
    • Ensure the O-ring seals are correctly in place
    • Make sure the coil in the tank is finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
    • When cleaning or replacing the coil carry out the above procedures.
    • Ensure you have the correct temperature/power settings for your particular device. Coils for example have ratings and should be kept within maximum and minimum recommended settings. Too high and your device will pop and crackle which may cause spots of e liquid to escape via the air-intake. 

    Where product has been returned, we have found that TIGHTENING the PIECES properly resolves any leak issue. 


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    1. Really Good

      Would have given 5 stars but one week in and some leakage. Still does the job. Hope it doesn't get worse.

      PEL HelpDesk Says. We have not had a leak problem with the Kangertech Topbox - make sure the Tanks O-ring is still in place. Also once you have finger tightened the tank to the mod give it an extra 1/8th turn - the o-ring seal will yield a little after the first few days of use. If a new product is defective we will replace it.
      on 8th Feb 2017

    2. Best looking Mod

      Kanger KBOX Mini is the simplest box mod ever. Neat and well designed and delivers huge clouds using the sub ohm coil - you just have to try it with the belgian waffle vg liquid - what a combo! No leaks and very easy to use - no learning curve like some of the complicated mods but does the same job! I prefer not to build my own coil and use the pre-built ones but having the option - I just might try one day! on 7th May 2016

    3. TOPBOX the best! Its easy to use.

      Great mod. Simple and straight forward. Very well designed and all the coils work fine – no leaks here. Took a little practice to find the right temp settings for my particular juice, make sure you do else doesn't work how it was designed to. Massive vapour highly recommended!! on 7th May 2016

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