Edge Pro Vape Pen Review - Is It a Great Starter Kit?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 25th Nov 2021

The Edge Pro vape pen is a handy little piece of kit. Not just aimed at beginner vapers, its easy setup is useful for the more advanced e-cigarette enthusiast too due to its simplicity. For this review, we will look predominantly at its use for vapers looking to start their transition from smoking and hoping to find something suitable. Does the Edge Pro match up with its rivals in the market?

Why Pick A Vape Starter Kit?

There are some reasons why you would opt for a starter kit. The obvious one is when you’re a beginner vaper and you want a smooth transition from cigarettes that's not complicated or too technical. The worst scenario for a new vaper is trying to make the switch from smoking and finding the adjustment too difficult. That’s when you’ll slip back into old habits and pick up a cigarette again. Vaping is much more technical than smoking but also gives you more flexibility and choice. While many like to tweak their experience further down the line in their journey, a nice user-friendly starter kit is a wise choice at the beginning.

With the Edge Pro vape pen, this is a fine example of that. Not too dissimilar in height to a cigarette and comfortable in the hand, the switch from smoking will feel effortless.

Key Features Of The Edge Pro Vape Pen

  • Rapid release coil technology
  • Very generous 1500mAh battery - plenty for a day of mouth to lung vaping
  • This coil works perfectly with a balanced 50PG/50VG ratio e-liquid
  • Mini-USB cable comes with the kit
  • Fill in port twists as you turn the mouthpiece attached to the coil - super easy to fill with no spills
  • Offers adjustable airflow to users for a loose and more restrictive MTL hit
  • No need to take apart the tank or remove the tank to change the coils
  • The drip tip is built into the coil, so you get a fresh mouthpiece each time you purchase a coil

How To Change The Coils - Rapid Release Technology Explained

The coil for the Edge Pro is not your typical vape pen, with the drip tip attached to the top of the coil. However, while it looks a little bulky compared to traditional coils, its unique design makes vaping easier for beginners. All you have to do is pick up your coil at the mouthpiece end, drop the other end into the battery slot at the top of the device and twist clockwise till it clicks into place. Once it does that, you’re ready to vape after filling with the right e-liquid. Edge produces some fantastic e-liquids which pair with this device perfectly. Just remember to wait a few minutes while the vape juice soaks into the coil wick. To unscrew the coil once its life expiration date is over, screw anti-clockwise and pull it out.

Is it the Best MTL Kit Available - What are the Alternatives?

Well, it all depends on what you seek from a mouth to lung kit and how far along you're in the vaping cessation journey. For instance, if you have just converted from smoking and want a similar hit of nicotine giving a familiar experience, the 1.2 Ohm coils offer a decent throat hit and at a low wattage that’s not too intense. If you seek larger clouds, this may not be the device for you. For that, an MTL to DTL crossover device with a lower resistance coil might be the right choice. For that, you can try the XEO Void, which we have previously reviewed and you can read here. Other MTL kit options include:

  1. SMOK Stick N18
  2. GeekVape 1FC
  3. VOOPOO Vinci 2

Regarding the above devices, you can refill yourself with many suitable e-liquids that are compatible. They offer more adjustable features to vapers, such as changing the wattage and voltage levels. With the Edge Pro, it’s a back to basics vape for advanced vapers and ideal for new vapers who want a simple kit. The choice is yours! But if you need any assistance, the Pure E-Liquids team is here to help.

The Edge Pro vape pen is a handy little piece of kit. Not just aimed at beginner vapers, its easy setup is useful for the more advanced e-cigarette enthusiast too due to its simplicity.