Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 3rd Jul 2018

Watermelon SlicesWant to Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

Don't we all? There lies a veritable minefield of flavour options for the exponential community of e liquid consumers and vapers. How do you choose between the cacophony of colourful and exotic choices and where do you begin?

Let’s face it. Giving up smoking is tough. Alongside the natural cravings to light-up as the body re-addresses its natural balance and relinquishes the nicotine from your bloodstream, one of the additional problems faced by those looking to make the switch to ‘non-smoker’ is the heady return of one’s appetite.

We’ve all been there. Our attempts to quit smoking spurred on by a new years’ resolution or a natural desire to improve our health, met with sweet temptations, sugary indulgences and the inevitable weight gain associated with an increased appetite. We can’t confirm it, but we are pretty sure that nobody has clamoured a craving for a Caesar salad or smoked salmon sandwich when giving up the cigs.

Why you Crave Sugar when Quitting Smoking

The reason why? Unbeknown to many, the premise of our quest to seek that sugar high is because tobacco contains up to 20% of natural sugars and the cigarettes we smoke have additional sugar added to them by the manufacturers. Whether added to improve flavour and odour of smoke, or to combat the breaking down of components and act as a casing in the drying process of tobacco, the fact is that we’re getting hooked and many of us don’t even know it. So when you are thinking about embarking on the ‘big quit’, consider that as well as the nicotine withdrawal that we are all so familiar with, we will also be suffering from a relatively chronic case of sugar withdrawal too.

Vaping vs Smoking

Back in 2015, Public Health England concluded that e cigarettes were found to be up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes and that they had the potential to help individuals quit smoking. Encouraging news for our health and of course the many that have tried time again and failed at kicking the habit. E cigarettes and vape pens stimulate the sensation of smoking and work by heating a liquid that generates a vapor that the user inhales.

How do I Quit as a Heavy Smoker? stock a range of devices including e cigarettes, vaporizers and vape pens that cater for light smokers, moderate to heavy smokers as well as kits for those advanced and more experienced vapers out there. Once you’ve decided on which kind of device you’d like to use it’s time to think about the flavour of your intended e liquid.

Let’s remember that as well as nicotine, we are looking to replace the quantity of sugar found in tobacco too. To make the transition from smoker to non-smoker as smooth as possible it’s important to substitute the natural sugars found in tobacco to avoid the irritability and headaches that you can potentially suffer from sugar withdrawal.

Many e-liquids available for consumption will be laden with the sweet stuff, but as the name of the game is our health, prosperity and longevity, choosing the right e liquid for you should perhaps be a healthy choice provided for my nature itself. Think of your sugar substitution as that of a diet; we’re thinking a slice of watermelon and a side of raspberries as opposed to chocolate salted caramel fudge cake with a pot of double cream as its companion. The occasional treat is more than acceptable, we are mere mortals after all, but lets think sensibly when it comes to our daily e liquid choice.

Which E-Liquid is Right for me?

VSAVI Tobacco and Menthol flavours

VSAVI 100% VG e liquid range, produced using the latest EU and UK standards to ensure consumer safety and confidence, offer a variety of rich tasting, flavoured e-liquids for your vaping pleasure.

The range uses the natural compound Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as opposed to the synthetically made Propylene Glycol (PG) which some users may be sensitive to when vaping. These are the ingredients used in e liquids to provide the ‘throat hit’ that you would typically receive while smoking) which makes VSAVI e liquid even more appealing when it comes to thinking of a healthy lifestyle moving forward. So what’s the choice and are your options?

If you like fruity flavours consider looking through VUSE e-liquid flavour range.

For vapers looking for more of an indulgent vape and something with a little more exotic, the VSAVI Gourmet Range provides a selection of slightly sweeter tasting options, perfect for putting a stop to those more severe pangs for the sweet stuff.

Vaping e cigarettes is a great way to help individuals to help kick their smoking habit. Remember that as well as nicotine that we will withdraw from, a significant amount of sugar will need replacing too. The VSAVI 100% VG e liquid range and Gourmet Range provide vapers with a selection of tasty flavoured e liquids to help you on your journey to a ‘healthy new you’.