Freemax Galex Pro Review – the Next Step in the Series?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 28th Apr 2023

Vape manufacturers like Freemax are always ahead of the curve, creating new vape kits and the latest coil technology to wow the vape industry and fans who appreciate a good throat hit when vaping, excellent flavour and decent cloud volume. The recent Galex series is a testament to that as they produced pod kits like the Freemax Galex Nano and the Freemax Galex. Now they have released the next in line – the Freemax Galex Pro pod kit. So, let’s see whether it’s something exciting that’s going to create a lot of buzz!

Is the Galex Pro Different From Other Pods Freemax Has Released?

With the Galex Pro, it is intriguing to see the subtle differences between the updated kit and the previous Freemax Galex Nano and Freemax Galex that were released simultaneously. Since then, they have now added a cool full spectrum 0.96-inch LED display and a few other features.

The battery capacity is the same with all three vape kits, which is still a handy amount for mouth-to-lung vaping and restrictive direct lung at a push.

Key Features And Specifications

  • 0.96-inch full spectrum light display
  • Adjustable 5-25W
  • FM SaltCoilTech 4.0 coil design
  • Quenched SS904L mesh coils
  • 800mAh battery output
  • Leak-resistant pods
  • Type-c charging

Here Is What You Need To Know About The Coils

Freemax has made some interesting tweaks to the existing GX coils, which have been a big hit with vapers of different levels. Previously the GX coils were targeted at the long-lasting coil fans that don’t want to think about changing their key accessory with a much frequency, meaning your e-liquid goes the extra mile. Offering a slightly cool vape and a bit less sweetness, it’s aimed more at the traditional mouth-to-lung vapers and ideal for those switching from smoking.

However, fast forward to the new GX-P coils and they’ve slightly altered the technology to satisfy those craving a different experience. With both sets of coils, you have the option of a loose MTL vape that could also be restrictive direct lung (0.8 Ohm) or a tighter mouth-to-lung draw at 1.0 Ohm. The key difference with the GX-P coils is they offer a much sweeter taste and ‘outburst of flavour’. And with an even cooler experience than the GX coils, it may tick a box if you like that sort of thing!

All of the coils and pods as a partnership offer the same great leak-free technology, as well as the patented SaltCoilTech design for maximum flavour. Made with a mesh design, it increases the surface area to hold the flavour for longer.

Is It A Design Upgrade?

As we have explained above, there is a definite difference in how the coils are designed. And the same goes for the pod device too. It’s eerily similar in appearance to the original Freemax Galex, but with a major addition. The 0.96-inch LED display with full spectrum display is something to behold and definitely galactic compared to the competitors of Freemax. It’s essentially unlike anything we’ve seen from other brands. You can pick between different spectrum modes to enhance the lighting system – with breathing mode and spectrum cycling to alternate between the colour schemes.

It offers slightly more power than the other Freemax Galex options at a very good price. You can vape with the choice of auto-draw, which triggers instantly, or with the protruding fire button depending on personal preference. Made with lightweight zinc alloy and available in some funky colour themes including Cyan Purple, Gunmetal and Pink Gold, it certainly stands out in a sea of vapers!

How To Use The Device

Like with the majority of pod kits, the Freemax Galex Pro kit is tailored to beginner vapers and the experienced among you that prefer simplicity.

It is a top-fill device, which is quite common these days with pod kits. So, all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece and top up your e-liquid in a careful manner to avoid any spills.

Simple settings:

  • The device turns on and off with five clicks of the fire button and displays the coil resistance, wattage, battery level and puff counter.
  • Press the fire button twice to activate the full spectrum setting, pressing twice more until you find the setup you prefer.
  • To adjust the wattage, press the fire button three times and then click until you reach the wattage you like up to a maximum of 25W.
  • Four clicks of the fire button to lock the device and vape via auto-draw only.

Any Disadvantages?

It would be useful to have some sort of adjustable airflow to customise the vaping experience, so with all three, there is no option for that. You can cover up one of the airflow holes to restrict it a bit more, which you should bear in mind.


Overall, we believe Freemax have done a great job of upgrading the already high-quality job they did with the previous Freemax Galex and Galex Nano kits. It would have been nice to add adjustable airflow this time but the flavour level is still very good with either nic salts or mixed VG and PG e-liquids. This is thanks to the SaltNicTech 4.0 coils and the new alterations made to the GX-P coils. In addition, it’s also helpful you can still use the GX coils too, so you have different options.

We love the design of this pod kit and the full spectrum display on the side of the device. It’s also nice to have the option to turn it off if you want to save on battery life! It vapes a very smooth mouth-to-lung hit and also offers restrictive direct lung too depending on the coil you pick. For those wanting a compact kit that provides great flavour from your e-liquids, the Freemax Galex Pro is a highly recommended addition and improvement on the previous pod kits from the Galex series.

Vape manufacturers like Freemax are always ahead of the curve, creating new vape kits and coil technology to wow the vape industry and fans who appreciate a good throat hit when vaping, excellent flavour and decent cloud volume.