Stoptober: What You Need to Know to Help you Quit

Stoptober: What You Need to Know to Help you Quit

Posted by Pure E-liquids on 7th Oct 2019

Stoptober help to quit smokingHow has your Stoptober been? Whether you’ve spent the month serving your smoke-free quest faithfully, or are yet to commence quitting while looking for the ‘right opportunity’ to stop smoking - sometimes all you need is a helping hand to get you going. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to help you quit smoking and start vaping today.

Stop Smoking and Start Vaping this Stoptober

What is Stoptober? A health campaign led by Public Health England, the idea is to encourage as many smokers as possible to quit for good. Based on research that if you can stop smoking for 28 days you will be five times more likely to stay abstinent from cigarettes, the campaign provides support for the smoking community and implores that very same community of smokers to help each other. Quitting smoking can be tough, but with the right kind of support network around you, and by using alternative nicotine products to curb your cravings - a healthy new you awaits at the end of the finish line.

One particular product that has helped an estimated 3 million smokers become smoke-free are e-cigarettes. Deemed to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes by Public Health England, several reputable research papers suggest vaping is a viable way to help ex-smokers stay smoke-free. Suggested by the Stoptober campaign as a way to help you quit smoking, why not try vaping today?

The great news is that vaping is easy. The not so good news is that getting started in the first place can seem like a quagmire of confusion. A range of alternative vaping devices, coupled with unending e liquid brands vying for your attention with appealing flavour choices, means that you can end up with a bunch of products you don’t need. By choosing a vaporizer that boggles in the mind in its complex set-up routine or buying an e juice that tastes like a beaver’s behind - you may well be put off vaping before you’ve even started.

When it comes to vaping and staying smoke-free, the experience is everything. This means choosing a fuss-free, easy to use e-cigarette should be your first call. Our recommendation? Vapour2’s Starter Kit is exactly what it says it is and is designed for first-time vapers to become accustomed to vaping. The kit has everything you need to vape straight away including a standard e cig battery, USB charger and your choice of flavoured e-liquids for you to sample and identify a favourite. Similar in shape to a traditional cigarette, once you’ve found your vaping feet, so to speak, you’ll feel more adept to look at the wider world of vaping and the variety of devices that are available on the market. Along with the Vapour2 range, the Innokin Jem vaporizer is a smart choice for those looking for something a little bit different.

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Stay Satisfied and Find Your Favourite E Liquid Flavours

As we just mentioned, the experience is everything when you start vaping, which is why it's so important for you to be satisfied with the flavour and taste of your e liquid. As the old saying goes, ‘you are what you vape’, and if your vaping to be healthy, then choosing an e liquid suited to that mantra is the way forward. Avoid cheap e liquids and do some research into brands and the ingredients they use in their e juice. To create some of the crazy flavours of e liquids that are out there, synthetic, rather than natural flavourings are often the preferred route for manufacturers. This can lead to a nasty aftertaste once you’ve vaped, which will taint your vaping experience, and make you more likely to return to the cigarettes to get a satisfying nicotine fix. Because vaping is a healthy lifestyle choice, choosing a premium e liquid that uses natural flavours should be high on the agenda. Brands like Vapour2 and VSAVI are two e liquid brands that are known and respected for their natural ingredients lists and flavourful tasting vapes.

While you may have a good idea of the type of flavours you like, before deciding on bulk buying a year’s worth of cola flavoured e juice, try and find a few flavours that you enjoy. Vaping one flavour of e liquid constantly can have the potential to congest the olfactory sensors in your nose, leading to a loss of taste and smell. Easily cured, by drinking lots of water, having a few favourite flavours means that you can flip and switch which e liquid you vape depending on how you’re feeling. Choosing a speciality sampler pack that contains a range of flavours will certainly help you find out which flavours you’re going to vape with in the future.

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Danger! Avoid Going Cold Turkey

Did you know that 58% of smokers mistake nicotine as the cause of smoking-related cancers and disease? It’s for this reason that many decide to go cold turkey in their attempts to become smoke-free. Opting to go cold turkey and give up your nicotine supply without any due warning to your body will result in a few unwanted consequences that can be difficult to cope with. Your body will notice that there’s a lack of nicotine in your body and will begin a series of events as it coaxes you with cravings and urges to pick up the cigarettes. Headaches, sweating, irritability and anxiety will all contribute to you being in a pretty bad mood, which others may struggle to be around too. Choosing to vape instead of going cold turkey could be the difference between saving your sanity and your relationships. Our advice? Don't go cold turkey this Stoptober.

The Health Benefits of a Smoke-Free Body

Needless to say, the health benefits of becoming smoke-free are an enormous incentive to quit smoking. Once you’ve stopped smoking, your body will begin to repair itself over some time. From clearer airways, blood-flow and increased lung capacity, to rejuvenated energy levels, reduced risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer – quit smoking today and find a healthy new you waiting just around the corner.