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V2 Cigs is one of the largest retailers of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the Internet. V2 have a range of vape products and e liquids that willV2 Cigs. Vapour2 suit the vast majority of vapers looking to transition away from smoking.

V2 Cigs Vaping

V2 earned their market leadership position by offering a broad selection of high quality, USA-designed vape products at tremendous value. V2 UK have partnered with us as sole V2 Cigs stockists to distribute their products in the UK and Europe. All V2 products are TPD compliant and offer what we believe to be the best choice for new and experienced vapers.

Check out V2 Cigs UK's full range of gourmet vape juice.

Genuine V2 Cigs

We only sell genuine V2 products with proper warranties and do not offer cheap imported imitation V2 products. Innovation, high quality and design has helped V2 Cigs in establishing a loyal customer base, don't be fooled by imitations. V2 Cigs USA is also branded Vapour2 in Europe and the UK.

V2 Product Range: Vapour2

See their full range of products here. We’re proud to offer a full assortment of V2 e-cigarettes, Platinum vape juice and vaporizer products. We offer something for anyone considering a switch from smoking to vaping.

  • V2 Cigs Starter Kits: The best way to switch to vaping with V2 is select one of their starter kits. 
  • V2 E-Liquid: Platinum e-liquid is available in twelve flavours and up to five strengths 
  • V2 Vape Pens: The critically acclaimed V2 Pro line of vape pens allows you to upgrade to sub ohm vaping. 
  • V2 Accessories: Full range of V2 accessories to augment your e-cigarette choices. 
  • V2 Batteries: We offer a broad range of battery colours with automatic or manual function.
  • V2 Cartridges: Two distinct technology choices, fill your own Ex Blank with e liquid or take the easy route and buy pre—filled V2 cartridges


V2 Cigs

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