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Best E Liquid UK Brands

We sell only major brands of the best E Liquid available like PlatinumVSAVI 100% VG eJuice and Vype ECOpure. The brands we sell satisfy our requirement of full ingredient transparency and are made in proper pharmaceutical laboratories. This means that here you can only buy and vape the safest e-Liquids available. Platinum e-Liquid is our e-Liquid of choice. For those who have a reaction to PG e-Liquid, or rather like extreme vapour production (The best cloud chaser e-liquid UK brand) we also offer the VSAVI range of pure 100% VG e-Liquids. This e-liquid is our premier VG e-Liquid of choice. See our new!! full range of cloud chaser e liquid specifically designed for sub ohm and drip vaping with high VG ratio for those awesome clouds

VSAVI have introduces their re-branded range, the Vype e-Liquid range including vPure e-Liquid which includes a larger range of e-Liquids which are now all PG base! Our e-liquid brands represent the safest e-liquids on the market for 2016 and they deliver the purest safest vapours. We continue to search for new pure clean safer e-liquids to offer our customers a simple but safe range of e-liquids.

For those with a PG allergy or for vapers who just want massive vapour we have finalised selection of our new range of VG e-Liquids, VSAVI which are now available. This new pure 100% VG e-Liquid range is fully laboratory tested and contains only ORGANIC ingredients. A proper "green" organic pharma 100 VG e-Liquid!


There is a choice of around 50 different flavours and strengths in various sizes to suit your needs.

Platinum E-Liquid

VSAVI Platinum Red Image 

  • Best Flavours

  • Highest Quality Pharma grade Ingredients

  • Fully tested per batch with every individual report available on-line.

  • High PG Ratio for maximum throat hit and flavour consistency

  • Best vapour production


This is our premium grade E Liquid, it conveys the best flavour and real smoking taste of any E Juice we have tried. How does it do that? With its high Propylene Glycol to VG ratio – it is one of the highest around at 80% PG and 20% VG. Due to this it delivers an impressive throat hit with excellent vapour production and has as few ingredients as possible – all FDA approved. This makes it perfect for those who love great flavour and a great throat hit and demand clean pure vapour.

You will notice we don’t sell 1000’s of flavourings here. That’s because our E Juice is strictly of the highest standards. Platinum is the only e-liquid that gives full testing on every bottle sold and gives you the test results – 100% transparency. We don’t believe that the artificial flavourings required in making some “fruity” e-juices should be vaped into your lungs when there is little or no research into the longer term effects on your health. There are also *research papers that indicate that liquid containing ingredients that are designed to offer the user flavours other than tobacco are at greater risk of containing ingredients that can cause health risks.

VSAVI (ex: ECOvape) E-Liquid

100% VG E-Liquids by VSAVI

  • Highest Vapour production we have seen, perfect for modders.

  • Highest quality pure VG E Liquid manufactured and tested in a state of the art *GMP-standard Lab

  • As few ingredients as possible for purity

  • Perfect for those who have a reaction to PG.

  • Organic.

When choosing VSAVI 100% VG, we were looking for a VG gourmet E Liquid solution which produced massive amounts of pure Vapour yet still had the highest quality ingredients. We also understand some of our customers have a bad reaction to PG based e-liquids or want a decent throat hit but like the feel of getting SO much Vapour.

VSAVI is pure VG liquid and has amazing vapour production, the highest we have seen. It is also made from as few ingredients as possible which are all pharma grade and fully batch tested.

VSAVI also comes with batch numbers for absolute traceability and security, they only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients of the highest quality to make the best VG e liquids you can get in the UK today. All organic ingredients too. Simply "green" e-Liquid!

We now also stock the new Vype e-Liquid range of PG e-Liquid including the new vPure e-Liquid. The EcoPure range will be replaced early August by our new "Green" Organic range of pure 100% VG e-Liquid.

2017: Why sell these e-Liquid brands?

When we first set out creating Pure-e-Liquid we set out some core values. We only want to offer the purest and best E Liquid available on today’s market. Safe gourmet E-Liquid. After a great deal of hands on research we found just 3 brands that live up to the quality we were looking for in 2017

We chose Platinum because of its rigorous testing and absolute transparency of ingredients, the superb high quality of ingredients and the unparalleled consistency of flavour and vapour production. Our Platinum e-Liquid contain a high percentage of Propylene Glycol and a small amount of Vegetable Glycerol. This is so the flavour is carried perfectly and the throat hit is amazing, you could even vape a lower nicotine level with our premium Platinum range than you are used to.

We chose VSAVI e liquid as an alternative to Platinum. First it is 100% pure VG based organic e-juice and we know some vapers have a reaction to PG based e-juice and we also know some like massive amounts of vapour. (if you're a modder and want massive clouds of the best vapour this is for you). It is our premium VG e-Liquid solution and it is by far the best VG E Liquid on the market. It is produced and tested in a state of the art *GMP laboratories. The VSAVI e-liquid range is manufactured under similar strict guidelines and ranks with Platinum e-liquid as one of the safest e-Liquids worldwide

Furthermore the Electronic Cigarette market is still not fully regulated. We believe that E-Liquids particularly should be transparent regarding ingredients. Our premium grade gourmet E Liquids are the purest cleanest safest E Liquids available. No other brands are more open about the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. No other brand offers the results of batch tests on-line. We do. With each and every Platinum batch you can check your bottles ingredients – simply pop the code in on-line and view the matching batch test to know what you are vaping is pure.

* GMP are the practices required in order to conform to guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacture and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products. (Wiki)

* See research papers 2015.

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