What Vape Liquid Should I Use?

E-liquid is a vital component in any e-cigarette use. Containing Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), water and added flavourings, as well as nicotine, this mixture makes up the juice that turns into vapour. Getting the right balance is important for several reasons, as each ingredient impacts taste, cloud production and throat. But most of all, it determines whether you’ll prefer the experience to smoking and ease the transition or enhance the chances of reverting back to cigarettes. So what vape liquid should you use? First of all, defining the type of smoker you are or past habits helps to determine your ideal vape juice.

What Type of Smoker Are You?

The amount of cigarettes you previously smoked will be a contributing factor in the e-liquid you pick, as well as the nicotine strength and what the base of the e-liquid is. For instance, for larger cloud production you will want a higher percentage of VG and for a more intense throat hit a larger PG ratio. Below we list the different levels and which type of vape juice is best for you.

1. Heavy Smoker - Nic Salt

If you’re new to vaping and used to smoking 20 cigarettes or more a day, nic salts at 20mg in a high resistance coil above one Ohm may be your best bet initially. At the highest strength of nicotine, you can vape the maximum amount and yet enjoy a smooth experience thanks to nic salts.

This is because of the nic salt process, which involves adding benzoic acid, reducing the PH level and harshness. Then when you’re ready, you can reduce the strength to a 10mg nic salt throat hit. Other benefits include:

  • Faster nicotine absorption
  • Higher nicotine strength for those who need it and laster longing effect

In contrast, freebase offers more of a throat hit, extracting nicotine from the tobacco plant naturally, which some vapers prefer in its purest state. An added bonus with freebase nicotine compared to nic salts is you can pick much lower strengths of nicotine to achieve your goal and reduce your vaping levels at a more gradual pace.

When you first start vaping, a prefilled pod kit including a small easy-to-use pod is advised for beginners to match with nic salts due to ease of use, as the coil will already be set and you don’t need to top up with e-liquid.

Unless you want the freedom and potential to save even more money. In which case, a refillable pod is your best bet.

You can top up a refillable pod up multiple times - as long as the coil lasts, essentially. Once you’ve made that decision, you can think about the nicotine strength, process and ratio of VG or PG, which acts as the base.

2. Frequent Smoker - 10/12mg High PG Freebase Nicotine

For those who smoke a pack a day, 12mg nicotine e-liquids is recommended as the equivalent level for vaping. With 12mg high PG e-liquids, it’s the ideal amount for a frequent smoker that seeks more of an intense throat hit. Alternatively, you could opt for a 10mg nic salt.

A vape juice with less VG will help vapers that don’t wish to enjoy as much cloud production because of the thinner consistency. A high PG will not burn through your coil as quickly as a high VG e-liquid, which is synthetically much thicker in texture and naturally sweeter.

Therefore, you will experience maximum natural flavour from the e-liquid and a longer-lasting mouth to lung vape. What’s mouth to lung you ask? Simple, it’s the technique you use when you inhale the vapourised e-liquid. It’s exactly the same inhalation when you smoke a cigarette.

In contrast to smoking, with e-cigarettes you can vape directly into the lungs too. But to do that you would need a higher VG vape juice, which is the opposite of what a frequent smoker will initially like, as it’s a different pattern, habit and sensation.

3. Social Smoker - 6mg 50VG/50PG

Social smokers puff on a cigarette less often but still pose a danger to themselves whenever they pick up one of the combustible tobacco sticks. To match the habits of someone who smokes a few cigarettes a day, a low strength 6mg freebase nicotine e-liquid that’s balanced between 50% VG and 50% PG is a welcome option because you have greater control than with a cigarette.

It will give just enough cloud production and throat hit to please those who want to experience something different and hopefully enough nicotine to match the current desire. Then you can taper down to nicotine-free e-liquids and hopefully stop vaping and smoking altogether when you’re ready.

Should you need more cloud or more of a throat hit, just alter the PG or VG level to 70% depending on your requirements at 6mg.

4. Occasional Cigarette - Shortfill (Optional Nicotine)

So far we have explained to you the major e-liquid groups; traditional freebase nicotine which is how most e-liquids used to be formed in 10ml bottles, the recent introduction of nic salts as an alternative (also in 10ml) and more recently we’ve seen shortfills. Following TPD regulations that stipulated no larger than 10ml bottles could contain nicotine, manufacturers created larger 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottles that are completely nicotine-free.

Then, if you want, a small 10ml or 20ml gap is left, depending on the bottle size you pick above, to add a nic shot. This option offers greater convenience for vaping on the go and the most flexibility to create different low-level nicotine strengths. However, something to consider is most shortfills are a 70VG/30PG ratio instead of a 50PG/50VG balance. So the majority of shortfill e-liquids suit Sub-Ohm coils below one Ohm for vapers more, because of the thicker vape juice and increased cloud production.

Is There An E-Liquid to Suit All Vape Kits?

Truth be told there isn’t one e-liquid that pairs well with any device. That’s because each vape differs so much from the next and accepts different coil types and resistances. What you need to do is find a kit you like that offers the right customisable features. nd check that it supports a coil resistance that matches your vape preference i.e Sub-Ohm coils as low to 0.1 as possible for bigger clouds and above 1.0 Ohm for mouth-to-lung vaping. The flavour of e-liquid you pick and the ratio of VG or PG is completely up to you! If you need any help choosing your e-liquid to use, our team is more than happy to help by using our years of expertise.