What is the Best Vape Device for Me?

So you have decided to quit smoking for good? Excellent choice, your health and bank balance will thank you greatly! If you are not able to quit cigarettes cold turkey (which isn’t recommended by health professionals), millions in the UK now switch to vaping as a safer alternative. But with many types of vape to pick from, and an abundance of e-liquid variations, it’s daunting initially to know which is right for you. Below we narrow down the different vape kit options and the benefits of each.

The Five Different Types of Vape Explained

1) Disposables

Disposables have quickly left an undeniable impression on vapers regardless of level or age. The newest type of vape in the rapidly expanding world of e-cigarette technology, what’s more convenient for any vaper than a throwaway device, with your e-liquid and coil already installed? There is no requirement to charge a disposable, to understand how vape coils operate or even to fill up with e-liquid once it’s empty. For the ultimate convenience, it’s ready right out of the package! And with most being auto-draw devices, it’s as close as you’ll get to a cigarette as a simple and effective nicotine replacement.

In addition, most disposables contain nic salt e-liquids, which means that the strength is the highest possible but also smoother on the throat, which is another pattern smokers will be familiar with compared to slightly harsher freebase nicotine e-liquids.

Disposables FAQs

How Long Should They Last?

Most disposables range from 500-600 puffs, and without a puff counter, like on many vape mods and some pod devices, it’s difficult to know when you’re done. Essentially, the flavour will begin to wane. Many disposables are mouth-to-lung devices, so you will not puff on them as often considering they’re containing nic salts of higher strength. So depending on the frequency you vape and the type of mouth draw you use, they should last at least one week up to two.

What are the Most Popular Brands and Flavours?

Some of the well-known brands in the vaping industry that deliver excellent nic salt flavour, strength and consistency include the likes of Geek Bar and in more recent times Elf Bar, with major players such as Smok, Innokin and Voopoo throwing their hat into the ring with this booming vape type.

How Do You Dispose of the Device?

Safely and securely in a recycling bin. There should be instructions on the disposable vape packaging that you purchase about how to get rid of it which doesn’t harm the environment. However, if you have concerns about discarding batteries regularly with disposables, it’s best to opt for a pod kit or vape pen that you can refill and recharge to save on recycling plastic waste.

2) Pod Vape/Pod Mod

Using a pod vape, otherwise known as a pod mod, is the next step up from a vape pen but not quite as advanced as a vape mod. It’s the safe option that allows vapers a lot more freedom when picking their favourite e-liquids. A compact battery-powered device with a small pod on top creates a smooth experience at any time of the day. The rapid rise of the pod vape system seemed to happen overnight, with thousands of different models from top brands like Voopoo, Uwell, GeekVape, Smok and Elf Bar demonstrating the options vapers have compared to smoking.

Generally, vape pod kits look quite similar - wider than a vape pen but more compact than a vape mod. Able to fit in the pocket with ease, there are two main types of pod system - prefilled and refillable.

Prefilled Pods

Prefilled pods are less hassle than refillable ones and much easier for vaping on the go. With a magnetic connection to the battery, it may sound confusing but a refillable pod drops into the ‘pod kit battery’.

Prefilled pods have a coil already installed and the vape juice inside, working together with the battery and coil to heat the e-liquid and turn to vapour. They require less maintenance, as you don’t need to think about changing the coil or spilling e-liquid in a rush all over the pod.

However, the downside is you can’t fill it with your e-liquid. Instead, you have to rebuy prefilled pods that fit the device available to you. Then when the time comes to replace, just dispose of the old one and add the new pod, which is all likeness 2ml as per TPD requirements.

Refillable Pods

On the flip side, you have refillable pods, which as replacement purchases are empty. Once you’ve topped up with vape juice, they should slot with ease into the device. Refillable pod systems are so popular these days because they’re super easy to carry and transport around, creating far more flexibility for the vaper, making them ideal for nic salts. A bonus with refillable pods is you’re doing your bit for the environment! Instead of throwing away countless prefilled pods, the power is in the hands of the refillable vaper, using the same pod at least a few times till it’s completely worn out.

Vape Pods FAQs

How long do vape pods last?

Vape pod longevity mainly depends on the type of coil resistance for prefilled pods. If it’s a lower resistance Sub-Ohm pod for example, because the vaper will need to burn through a lot of e-liquid to produce those big clouds, it could only last a week before requiring a new pod. A refillable pod should last between 3-7 days depending on the number of times it’s refilled and the life of the coil.

Likewise with an MTL high resistance pod. Frequent use via mouth to lung could overuse the coil as well, thus creating the urgency for a fresh pod. Typically prefilled pods anywhere from one day to a week, while a refillable pod can last anywhere between one week to a fortnight depending on the frequency of use.

Is There a Downside to Using a Pod Vape System?

It all boils down to personal preference. For a new vaper, a vape pod kit is ideal for getting started. You can buy a few refills for a relatively low price from some top brands, test them out and see how you get on with minimal effort or knowledge needed.

But the negative of getting involved in the world of pods compared to vape mods is they often have less battery power and lower wattage settings. This means you can only vape so much e-liquid at a time and produce less cloud in the process. In addition, the battery capacity is often smaller on a pod kit too, so that’s something to consider, as you may prefer not to need to charge during the day.

3) Vape Pens

A vape pen provides more control and adjustable features for the vaper than a cigalike or disposable, but can end up being more expensive and time-consuming. As you may have guessed, surprise surprise - in most instances they’re shaped like a pen you write with but produce a completely different result! Often long, with a cylinder shape and a thin pointed mouthpiece, it’s easy to hold, vape and store away when you’re done.

How they differ from disposables and cigalikes is vape pens can be recharged whenever you feel like it. Even if you live life on the edge and wait for the battery to completely drain, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the pen. Instead, pop it into a USB port and charge to your heart’s content.

The beautiful aspect of vape pens is their refillable nature! You not only have thousands of e-liquids at your disposal but have a greater idea of how much is left in the tank. Meaning you’re less likely to run out without a big surprise. And you can also find vape pens that accommodate mouth to lung vaping, direct lung vaping or a mixture of both!

Vape Pens FAQs

How Do You Use a Vape Pen?

In most cases, vape pens are relatively straightforward to use. Often containing a singular button at the front of the device and no screen or menu to navigate through, vape pens are your quintessential starter kit. Slim and narrow, turning on a vape pen usually involves five clicks to turn the device on and off. Now with the modern vape pen, you have the opportunity to auto-draw by inhaling on the mouthpiece as an alternative to pressing the fire button.

What Adjustable Features Can You Get With a Vape Pen?

With some vape pens, you have the very basic levels of adjustability, which some vapers like to begin tweaking performance to personal preference. One of these adjustable settings is airflow, which often features at the top of the device (usually on the tank). It may be a switch, protruding piece of plastic or dial to turn, often having between one and three air holes to open and close so you can adjust the airflow. This can help the vaper achieve either a tighter draw mouth to lung style or a direct lung hit packed with flavour and cloud volume. It’s also possible to adjust the wattage to increase or decrease the power.

4) Vape Mods

Vape mods were the next generation of devices and started to become a popular trend after the earlier release of vape pods and pens. Technically more advanced with a range of customisable features depending on the device, you have the greatest flexibility when using this type of vape. Depending on the thread connection, it’s possible to mix and match a specific tank with the top of the mod.

You pair a Sub-Ohm kit with a low resistance Sub-Ohm coil to create an electrical current at a faster rate. This increases the power in a device and thus more clouds. So whether you want customisable airflow, larger cloud production, a warmer vape, greater power, advanced features like temperature control or all of the above, a vape mod is your best chance of full control over how you vape.

Vape Mods FAQs

What’s the Difference Between a Regulated and Unregulated Mod?

There are two types - a regulated mod, which is the safer of the two, has greater levels of protection for the user with a circuit board inside to prevent things like overheating the battery and electric shock by regulating the current.

Meanwhile, an unregulated mod, also known as a mech mod, offers more freedom to the vaper to adjust their voltage and wattage but at the vaper’s risk. Limited knowledge of electrical know-how could be dangerous, so this is only for those with a high scientific understanding of vaping equipment to increase cloud production.

Is a Vape Mod Better Than a Vape Pod or Pen?

To begin with, the vaping journey tends to start with a pod device and as you gain experience and knowledge of the industry, move on to a Sub-Ohm mod you can adjust to hit the sweet spot. A mod is better than a pod for making more alterations if needed to tweak the performance how you like it. However, now you have a lot of adjustable pod devices too that are also adjustable.

Generally, a pod device features a low wattage, which means less power, warmth and potential to produce big clouds. A vape mod is better than a pen or pod if you prefer these advantages when vaping.

What Should Your E-Liquid Ratio Be in a Mod?

First, you need to decide whether you’ll use a freebase nicotine e-liquid or a nic salt. Low-powered MTL devices pair perfectly with nic salt because they work in tandem at a lower temperature. With freebase nicotine, you can operate at a much higher temperature, meaning bigger clouds and maximised flavour.

For large clouds, most vapers tend to lean towards high VG and low nicotine vape juice, which is easier on the throat, smoother and able to support higher wattage capabilities. To play it safe, start with a 50VG/50PG ratio if you want a balanced e-liquid offering a mild throat hit, plenty of flavours and decent vapour. Then work your way up to a higher VG if required.

5) ‘Cigalikes’

A cigalike is just as it sounds - an e-cigarette device that looks like…you guessed right reader…a cigarette! Small in stature, pocketable and even resembling in appearance, a cigalike was the first type of vape kit you could buy from an exciting new market of cessation tools for smokers.

Gone were the days when those hoping to give up cigarettes for good had to rely on a couple of pieces of nicotine gum or a patch to go on their arm. Instead, a new revelation emerged that swept the UK like a storm. It helped to ease the transition for even those that smoked 20 cigarettes a day.

Light to carry and hold, it feels and looks just like a cigarette. The battery is often coloured white and the coloured cartridge at the top, which screws onto the battery, helps to mimic a cigarette in appearance. Smokers in most cases find it incredibly difficult to give up the habit of smoking more than anything, so replacing it with something similar and performing a hand-to-mouth inhale action is a good start.

So when a cigalike was introduced, carrying nicotine inside which can be puffed on using a piece of equipment that bears a canny resemblance to someone who would smoke, well it changed the game. Humans are creatures of repetition and keeping up routines so it makes perfect sense as a transitional replacement while you still get your throat hit via nicotine.

Cigalike FAQs

How Does a Cigalike Work?

Take your kit out of the box, which will more than likely need a full charge before using. Once it’s at 100%, attach the refill that came with the box or one of the flavours you selected as a separate purchase that matches the brand. Screw that refill cartridge on and you’re good to go - ready to activate your vape by auto-inhaling on the cartridge mouthpiece.

How Much Do They Cost?

This is the best part - you can find a range of kits online that include everything you need to get started at roughly the price of two packs of cigarettes. From the battery-powered device and the charger to the various cartridge refill flavours, you can find a standard set for an affordable price and a long-term solution.

Is it Recommended as a First Device?

Not for all vapers, as the nicotine level is typically fairly low and the battery capacities are adequate but not long-lasting, so may need charging often.

If you need something a little more advanced, we suggest a pod kit, or for something super easy to use that requires no charging at all, read on with our next vape type in the list.

Does the Vaping Style Matter When Picking Your Device?

Of course, the correct vaping style should match the device output. In the past, many vapers have struggled to convert to safer e-cigarettes from smoking because they’ve not approached the transition practically with a patient outlook. Examples such as vaping too much nicotine in one go, vaping mouth to lung on a low resistance coil, or burning the coils matters, which we cover here in this blog, can disrupt the process of cutting down nicotine with vaping abruptly.

Instead, it’s better to think about what style you want to vape - whether that’s mouth to lung (similar to smoking) or directly into the lungs to absorb more clouds to puff out the intense flavour. Then pick your device accordingly, that matches your preferred style to get the best results much quicker.

We hope that you found this page useful as we summarised all the different types of vape devices, how they work and what benefits you can get from each. Below you’ll find a few more helpful guides tailored to the different types of vape kits. For any other help, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.