What Is A Pod Vape System and How Does it Work?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 7th Mar 2023

A pod vape, also known as a vape pod, is the classic vaping device reimagined for modern e-cigarette inhalation. Instead of a tank with a glass chamber, you have a plastic pod. Both contain an area to hold e-liquid and space for a vape coil to heat your vape juice. It’s a smaller version of the traditional slim vape kit tank that requires even less effort. You vape through the pod system's mouthpiece and discard the pod after its lost durability. The key difference is vape devices with a thread connection for a vape tank (usually a 510 connection) support multiple tanks to suit your preference. In comparison, vape pods usually only fit on one battery-powered pod kit, unless there are a series of cross-compatible pod kits from one manufacturer.

The Pod Vape is Tailored for Beginners

Pod vape systems are the happy medium between disposables and vape mods. The all-in-one system is easy to use, simple to fill and a breeze to change coils. When you begin vaping, with no knowledge of the industry and so many choices out there, finding the best vape is a challenge initially. Disposables are the solution for those who just want a nicotine hit and have no worries about updating or refreshing the flavour. You get the same hit each time till the device runs out then you throw the device away. In comparison, a pod system is the next step up. It gives you more flavour options, different settings to customise on certain devices and overall greater choice. There are two types of pod systems:

  1. A closed system is when the coil is not changeable and can even contain pre-filled e-liquid which can not be replaced. You then fix the pre-filled juice pods into the battery and begin vaping.
  2. Alternatively, you can pick an open pod system where you can change the coils (often push-fit coils that pop into place easily and are simple to remove) and also refill the e-liquid so many times.

Pods typically last 4-5 days, depending on use. Pre-filled pod systems may feature nicotine salt e-liquids for smoother delivery, or traditional freebase nicotine, which provides a stronger throat hit.

If you are looking for a pod vape system that works with your favourite e-liquid, check it is compatible first. The rule of thumb is that devices which support high-resistance coils work with nic-salts and a high PG/ low VG ratio. Most pod vape systems work from you drawing in your breath, so there is no need to use a firing button for each hit. This is a simplified and more user-friendly experience for the vaper and resembles smoking.

Which is the Better Pod System - Pre-Filled Or Refillable Pods?

Well, the best thing about the vaping industry is you have plenty of choices to help you cut down your nicotine levels. The best pod system depends on how much freedom you require and the effort you want to put in.

Refillable pod kits are the best money-saving option, as you get more bang for your buck with multiple refills. But that requires you to replace the e-liquid every time it’s low by looking at the visibility levels, or experiencing a diminishing taste and recognising yourself.

You may need to change the coils too, which is something else to think about. If you lead a busy lifestyle, these kinds of changes are an inconvenience for some vapers.

For that reason, they opt for a throw-away disposable vape kit (which is worse for the environment and more expensive in the long run, or a closed-system pod kit.

If you pick the right closed system pod vape with great-tasting pre-filled vape juice, coils already installed and nothing to adjust, it’s the best of both worlds. You dispose of the pod like you would a disposable kit but hang on to the battery-powered device.

Benefits of Portable Pods

  1. Pod vapes are incredibly portable and secure.
  2. They are designed to be pocket-friendly, so there is less to carry around and this also makes them more discreet. They produce less vapour too than vape mod tanks, so if you don’t want to draw attention when you inhale and exhale the vapour, these are ideal.
  3. As pods are mostly made up of built-in parts, this makes them easier to clean. It is less time-consuming to clean out your pod vape, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your vape.

Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung Pod Systems - What’s the Difference?

Would you vape with the same action as you did a cigarette i.e into the mouth, hold for a few seconds, then inhale into the lungs and back out (MTL)? Or navigate holding vapour into the mouth and vape directly into the lungs (DTL)? The former will give you a familiar sensation and a stronger throat hit, while the latter creates more clouds and a warmer vaping sensation.

With a pod kit, you can choose either depending on the type of pod kit and pod accessory you select. For instance, for MTL vaping you would need a high resistance coil, a smaller mouthpiece pod for a tighter draw and high PG e-liquids or nic salts that are thinner in consistency. This will create the perfect mouth-to-lung vape via your chosen e-liquid. In contrast, a DTL vape requires a high VG e-liquid, a low resistance coil (also referred to as a Sub-Ohm coil), a higher wattage than an MTL device and a wider mouthpiece to draw in more e-liquid and puff more vapour back out.

How Do You Want to Operate Your Device?

There are two simple options to pick from - automatic activation via the mouthpiece or by pressing the fire button. You’ll find that the industry does not favour one or the other, with many offering the choice of both.

With auto-draw vaping, it will feel closer to mimicking smoking by putting the device to your mouth to activate the heating element in your coil, turning the e-liquid into vapour. While other vapers like to press the fire button to activate their kit. This provides them with additional security so you can lock the fire button and prevent it from going off in your pocket or bag.

Overall, it depends on what you’re after as a vaper. While a pod vape system is ideal for many beginners and still used today by so many experienced vapers as they’re convenient, the drawbacks include:

Disadvantages of a Vape Pod

  • Less power
  • Requires charging more often with lower battery capacities
  • More adjustable settings with a vape mod featuring an advanced tank
  • Pre-filled pods are not cost-effective
  • Only some have adjustable airflow

Whichever device you decide is right for your vaping journey, there are always ways you can improve it further as new trends emerge all the time. It was only back in 2015 that the first real pod vape entered the market through JUUL and the vaping industry has not looked back since. Now you can see a wide range of devices that cater to all levels and interests as a vaper to help people quit smoking. If you need any assistance finding the right pod vape system for you or feel like there is something you’re missing, the Pure E-Liquids team is always available to provide additional support.

A pod vape, also known as a vape pod, is the classic vaping device reimagined for modern e-cigarette inhalation. Instead of a tank with a glass chamber, you have a plastic pod. Both contain an area to hold e-liquid and space for a vape coil to heat your vape juice.