What Is A Pod Vape System?

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 22nd May 2019

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Pod vaping is making waves in the UK vaping market, and so it’s no surprise that we’ve been getting lots of questions about whether it’s worth all the fuss. Our customers want to know if they should switch to a pod system. So, let’s take a look at this easy-to-use system and see whether its right for you.

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Pod Vaping

Pod vape systems are the happy medium that former smokers have been craving. It sits between your traditional cigarette and using an e-cig. The all-in-one system is easy to use, and if you want a choice of vapes during the day, you can carry multiple pods around with you.

If you’re going to switch to pod vaping, you’ll first need a pod mod, which is a battery and cartridge. There are no extra features to get used to, no settings to work out how to use.

You then fix the pre-filled juice pods into the battery and away you vape. The pod system comes with nicotine salts, but some pods can also be used with regular e-liquids. If you are looking for a pod vape system that works with your favourite e-liquid, make sure to check it is compatible. The rule of thumb is that these low resistant devices are work with nic-salts and a high PG/ low VG ratio. 

Most pod vape systems work from you drawing in your breath, so there is no need to use a firing button for each hit. This is a simplified and more user-friendly experience for the vaper and resembles more of that smoking experience.

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More like smoking

One way to enhance you vaping experience is to use nicotine salts as they give you the real nicotine hit you desire, and they're compatible with vape pods.

This means that you can get those higher nicotine hits without it hurting your throat. Nic salts been described by some pod vapers as being much closer to the sensation of smoking cigarettes, with that stronger throat hit that former smokers can crave. 

Portable Pods

Pod vapes are incredibly portable. You’re less likely to find liquid spilled across your bag because they use pod cartridges that easily fixed into the vape pod kit. The Hansen's iQ Air is a great alternative to Juul and uses convenient refillable pods that are super easy to change.

You can also get re-fillable pods so you are not limited to the pre-filled flavours and can customise your experience.

They are designed to be pocket-friendly, so there is less to carry around and this also makes them more discrete. They produce less vapour too so if you don’t want to draw attention when you draw your vape, these are ideal.

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Cleaning Your Pod

As pods are mostly made up of built-in parts, this makes it easier to clean. In fact, it is less time consuming to clean out your pod vape, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your vape.

Pod vape systems are the easiest vaping experience yet, and there is now a variety of options depending on your vaping needs. They are now available in sleek designs that easily fit in your pocket and don’t look out of place next to your phone.