Everything You Need to Know About PG & VG E-Liquid

Posted by Pure E-Liquids on 5th Aug 2019

PG vs VG E-liquidIf you’re new to vaping or even if you consider yourself to be a veteran of vaping, then you will know that a key component to your experience is the actual e-juice or e-liquid that you vape. E-liquid contains flavourings, nicotine (unless you've opted for a nicotine-free option) and either PG, VG or sometimes both...

Without PG or VG there would simply be no vapour. What’s the difference between PG and VG? Let’s take a closer look and compare.

What Does PG and VG Stand For?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. The latter ingredients of PG and VG will be four initials that will feature frequently as you  choose your desired e-liquid for the future. Crucially, it is the PG and VG liquid that produces the vapour when heated, which subsequently transports the nicotine and flavourings to your body when you inhale. 

What is PG in Vape E-Liquid?

A manmade synthetic product, PG tends to be of a thinner consistency when compared to its counterpart VG. While when you exhale, you’ll produce some sort of visible vapour, though the reality is that it will be a far cry from the huge thick vapour clouds that have become so synonymous with vapers.

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Is PG Safe to Vape?

For those worried that the synthetic nature of PG might mean that you experience a chemical-like taste, fear not for PG is both tasteless and odourless which means that it doesn't interfere with the flavour of your e-juice at all. It might seem reasonable to think that because you’re inhaling the vapour that your mouth might become moist but while you might be inhaling a liquid-based vapour, PG actually retains a lot of its moisture. This means that if you vape an e-liquid that has a high PG content on a fairly frequent basis, then you may end up with somewhat of a dry throat.

The Benefits of Using PG E-Juice

For those in a hurry to get their fix of nicotine, the thinness of propylene glycol means that cotton fabric and poly-fil fibres found inside atomisers and wicks absorb the liquid much quicker than the thicker viscosity of VG liquid. Additionally, the thinness of PG won’t build up around the heating element of your vaporizer, leaving you to spend less time cleaning your device and more time vaping.

Remember we mentioned that PG retains a lot of moisture? While repetitive vaping of high PG will give you a dry throat, just the right amount of PG will provide you with that all-important throat hit that you used to experience when you smoked. The throat hit can contribute to making your vape that little bit more satisfying which will help towards curbing any potential cravings you may be experiencing.

Leaving the best till last, the biggest benefit of using an e-juice that contains PG is undoubtedly flavour related. Due to its lack of taste and odour, PG lets the natural flavours of your e-juice really come alive - especially if you opt for an e-juice that uses natural flavours.

PG Allergies: Is VG Safer than PG?

It’s important to know that PG isn’t necessarily suitable for everybody. Much like nuts, shellfish or wheat, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to PG. Though symptoms and reactions may not be as extreme as the life-threatening anaphylactic shock associated with certain allergies, your reaction to PG may still cause you some irritation. Reactions related to PG allergies are reported to include sinus problems, nausea and headaches. More severe reactions can also include numbness to the face, itchy rash, as well as a burning or scratching sensation on your throat.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, then it may be time to switch e-liquids. A straightforward solution to such a problem is to  try VG based e-liquid like VSAVI’s 100% VG Gourmet Range.

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Is it Safe to Vape Vegetable Glycerin?

VG is derived from vegetable fats and plant matter. A completely natural product, VG is used in a huge range of household products and cosmetics such as soap, face cream, hair conditioner and even toothpaste. Much thicker than the previously mentioned propylene glycol, VG is similarly clear and odourless, though it does have a slightly sweet aftertaste, which will ultimately have some kind of bearing on the final taste of your vape.

The Benefits of Using VG E-Liquid

The most common reason for people choosing VG e juice is its capability to produce some seriously huge clouds of vapour. This is all down to the thickness of the VG: the denser the consistency of the liquid, the thicker the cloud – simple.

As mentioned, VG is made from vegetable oils and plant material, which means that it’s completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. Of course, it should be noted that for anybody who wishes to lead as much of a natural lifestyle as possible, then choosing a 100% VG based e-liquid will certainly align with your ethical compass. Unlike PG, VG is not known to cause an allergic reaction, which makes it the perfect antidote for those who may be suffering from an adverse reaction to PG.

What's the Best PG/VG Ratio for Vaping?

Are you keen on experiencing maximum flavour, a satisfying throat hit and decent vapour production? If you're choosing an e-liquid or blending your own concoctions of e-liquid at home, then there is an optimum combination of PG and VG that will help you achieve all three experiences. Ideally, you'll want to find an e-liquid that includes a ratio of 70-60% PG and 30-40% VG which will leave you with a satisfying vape to remember and one that you'll want to come back to time and again.

Because vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking cigarettes, many make the switch with the ambition of leading a healthier life. If this sounds like you, then remember to buy e-juice that uses natural flavourings.

Why a Balance of PG & VG Might be Best

You’ll find that many e-liquids will have a bit of both PG and VG. To achieve the optimum vape, the use of PG will allow the flavours of your e-liquid to flourish as well as providing the throat hit that you might be craving, while the addition of VG will add density and visible size to the cloud of vapour you exhale. Regarded as one of the best e-liquids on the market, Vapour2's Platinum E-Liquid uses a specific blend of PG and VG to deliver both a great-tasting vape and a satisfying throat hit.