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Pure E-liquids Our History


Pure E-Liquids was founded in 2015 by three vapers who wanted cleaner, better tasting e-liquids and easy to use, reliable vaping devices. Our mission is to select the 'best in class' vaping products and e-liquid and make them available on one website so that vapers can easily order the products they need from one place, saving time and postage costs.

Our e-liquids are the safest, cleanest, purest e-liquids we can find. From our selection you can have the simplest, tastiest e-liquids available – you know exactly what is in it.


Only the Best E-Liquid

Our e-liquids consist of a selection of the finest quality and best e-liquid on the market today ensuring you vape only the safest e-liquids available. We offer only the best e-liquidtested pure PG based and for those sensitive to PG e-liquids we offer a range of the best 100% pure VG e-liquid - our organic ECO-vape range. For cloud chasers and sub ohm vaping or dripping we have a complete range of properly steeped high VG cloud e-Juice. Select from the best range of high-end products that include the best vape juice that is safer and prepared in Grade D GMP clean-rooms, designed for products intended for medicines for inhalation and e-liquids that have full transparency of ingredients.  

All pure e-liquids should be subjected to detailed testing designed to ensure safety and quality to the end user. Many other e-liquid products you can buy do not give a full detailed breakdown of the ingredients and as such should not be inhaled.

Currently there is little if any regulation or regulatory framework overseas that ensures the safety or purity of e-liquids used in the e cigarette and vaping category. How do you get the best e-liquid UK brands? Ensure your e-liquids are manufactured to the highest standard. We offer e-liquids that are manufactured in proper laboratory facilities that have been audited for GMP compliance and e-liquids that offer full transparency of ingredients via batch testing on every item sold. This ensures that you are able to buy a selection of the best e-liquid available in the world today.

What is the Best E-Liquid in the world today?

Platinum E-Liquid by V2/Vapour2/VSAVI – high quality, great tasting, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This e-Liquid is hard to argue with. They have total transparency via batch tests (available to consumer) on every bottle sold & lots of flavours for such a pure and pristine brand. True gourmet e-liquid.

What is the Best VG E-Liquid in the UK today?

ECOpure VG vape juice by CN Creative has now been replaced by our VSAVI pure tested ORGANIC VG eliquid range and is fully tested in a state of the art Bioscience lab. Simple, clean pure and safe ingredients lead to a select range of gourmet e-liquid flavours aimed at those looking for tobacco, menthol and sweet and fruit shisha range. For those sensitive to PG based e-liquids our selection also includes pure 100% VG e-liquid.


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About Best E-Liquids

The world of E-Cigarettes is still relatively new and due to this, there is very little global regulation over the production of e-liquids. At Pure E-Liquid we believe that consumers should have access to the best e-liquid UK brands, an absolute assurance that the e-liquids they are using are of the highest quality and that the utmost care has been made to ensure the user's health is paramount.

We will only sell bespoke gourmet e-liquids where we can be certain they have been rigorously tested.

Choose from a selection of bespoke e-shisha pen, vaporiser, electronic cigarette products, best VG e-juice UK brands and accessories. Best Cloud Chaser e-juice that is fully tested.

Not just good gourmet e-liquid, we source only the absolute best e-liquid for your vaping pleasure. 

Our Service

We are committed to getting you great deals on high quality safe e-liquids, gourmet e-juices and best quality innovative vape products, quickly and cheaply delivered to your home from our on-line store.

E-Liquid Safety

Pure E-Liquids deals with leading vape product manufacturers such as V2 Cigs, ECO-vape, Vype, Eco-pure and other respected e-Liquid brand names. The best e-manufacturers in the world. This facilitates us in bringing superior quality and innovative products to the UK market at competitive prices. Our clients prefer to deal with us because we offer a range of the best quality clean vaping products available and we always guarantee a quality product. We offer the best in both 100% VG e-liquid and PG e-liquids. 

We work directly with manufacturers and we are proud to be the Distributors of VMR products and CN Creative Intellicig-Vype products in the UK. VMR Products (ie. Vapour2 and V2) are the USA’s largest on-line sellers of the best electronic cigarette and vape products and are regarded worldwide as the leading brand in the category. Intellicig are famous for their "ECOpure" range of simple, safe clean pure tested 100% VG e-liquids and new Vpure e-liquid and trusted for their reliable consistency and Bio-lab testing facilities. The ECOpure VG e-liquid range has now been upgraded to our organic ECOvape 100% VG e-liquid range.

All of our products are pure e-liquid and rigorously tested, we only sell premium electronic cigarette products.

Research Papers and Electronic Cigarettes

There are many research papers that indicate that there are problems with untested e-liquids. This includes ingredients that contain toxins. See; 

  1. Karger Medical – Electronic Cigarettes: A short Review.

  2. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


The toxicity of e-cigarettes and e-liquid can vary greatly, as there is potential differences in construction and materials in the delivery device, kind and origin of ingredients in the e-liquid, and the use or non-use of good manufacturing practices and quality control approaches.

Contamination by various compounds of e-fluids due to poor quality control and lack of external custody is bound to be common due to the present legal status of these products. 


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Best E-Cigarette Products

We recognise that the e-cigarette category, including vaporizers, vape pens and Shisha Pens is relatively new and evolving. That in such a market there are many so called manufacturers who do not particularly care about the quality of their products, seeking simply to exploit the market because it is new. The majority of e-cig providers are no more than marketers – ie. They buy products from China and simply rebrand the article for sale in the UK. As such many would be vapers have been put off vaping by their experience of these low quality e cigarettes. 

We had the idea to ensure that vapers should be knowledgeable about their e-liquids and the ingredients those e-liquids contained. To bring to your attention the fact that e-liquid ingredients are not well documented or explicit. At the same time we see an opportunity to ensure that the vape product that you use with our e liquids are a high quality product supplied by a proper manufacturer of proper e-cigarette products. As such we have looked at many e-cigarette companies and their products. 

However, we eventually set ourselves some guidelines to ensure we selected only the very best vaping products. We did not wish to be a jack of all trades and offer 10 or 20 brands – we wanted to be able to strongly recommend to our customer base a product range that we were confident in.

  1. Find an established e-cigarette manufacturer.
  2. Ensure that they had their own manufacturing process and were not simply e-cigarette re-sellers, that they were directly involved with the quality control of their own product.
  3. Existing products were first class and had exceptional user reviews.
  4. Flexibility – that they offered a range of products to suit a range of vapers – ie. Not just cig-like e cigarettes – we needed Shisha, Vape Pens Vaporizers etc. that would cater for various customer needs such as e-liquids and/or dry herb or tobacco.
  5. Ensure that there was innovation – that there was intellectual property and patents – this to ensure that the company is keen to move with the times and develop new products as the market evolves – demonstrates longer term commitment.
  6. Price sensitivity – prices had to be appropriate for mass market.
  7. Top rate customer service.

These were our guidelines and these guidelines helped us to find and partner with V2, Kanger, Vype and Innokin and other best e cigarette providers so that we are now able to offer a full range of the best e cigarette products available. We are now confident that our customers will find the right e cigarette product for their needs. Whether that be a simple vape pen or a more sophisticated device, with variable voltage and multiple tanks allowing user choice with respect to vaping mediums other than e-liquid, for example vaporising dry herb or tobacco or using sub ohm vape devices. Sub Ohm accessories and Vype eBox devices are all available at your one stop shop where you are assured of the best quality in the e cigarette and vaping world. Our products are carefully selected for their quality, positive user and web review sites and undergo our testing to ensure quality.

Our mission is to ensure you have the safest e-liquids and a quality product to vape with in the hope that you stop smoking. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our product range our customer service is there to help you.

PEL: The 100% VG e-Liquid Specialists in the UK