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SMOK TFV12 Coils

3 x SMOK TFV12 Prince coils:

Smok's most advanced coil yet. A pack of three UK Smok TFV12 Prince tank replacement coils, available in 0.4 ohm and 0.12 ohm resistances. These are Smok's new power coils for the ultimate in vapour flavour and volume. Coupled with the new Smok TFV12 Prince tank presents an unbeatable combination for advanced vapers. Of course you can use the coil in any compatible tank/mod that is capable of firing up to 120W+. The TFV12 are Smok's coil of choice and come as part of the advanced SMOK Prince tank kit.

V12-Q4 (40-100W. Best 60-80W) 0.4Ω - Brings you deep and rich vapour
V12-T10 (60-120W. Best 80-110W) 0.12Ω - Brings you massive vapor and rich flavours
Genuine Smok Prince Coils Certification

Buyers Beware, there a lot of Smok clones - if it's too cheap is it too good to be true?

Smok TFV12 Coils. T10 & Q4 Prince Coils

The UK SMOK TFV12 Prince V12-T10 Decuple Coil Head is a 0.12 ohm coil head and like the Q4's features twelve breathing holes on its exterior. Both coils are wicked with 100% Pure Japanese Organic Cotton. The breathing holes provide quick cotton saturation and they also assist in heat dissipation during intense vaping. The V12-T10 Decuple Coil Head is rated between 60-120 W and for the best vape SMOK recommends vaping this coil between 80-110. SMOK TFV12 Prince V12-T10 Decuple Coil Heads provide a highly-enjoyable and unparalleled vaping experience. Simply massive vapour.

The V12-Q4 with quad coils gives a rich and deep flavour with operational power 40-100W, Smok advises using 60-80W for best results

These are the Smok Prince replacement coils.

The TFV12 Smok Prince Tank is the new leader in ultimate vaping. It is the tank of choice for the Smok Mag 225W UK TC Mod and Smok Priv range.

TFV12 Prince Coil UK Features

  • Stainless steel
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Huge Vapour and extremely rich flavour

TFV12 Ptince Instructions: Replacing Coils

  • Hold the tank upside down
  • Unscrew and remove the tank base,
  • The Coil Unit is located in the centre of the tank base
  • Unscrew and replace the coil with a fresh atomiser head
  • Finger Tighten plus a slight additional turn so that the coil is FIRMLY in place
  • Replace the tank base taking care not to over tighten

To avoid damage to the wick in the atomiser head always make sure you prime your coils by adding few drops of e liquid to the TFV8 and waiting a minute or two prior to vaping.

SMOK - "Success Starts Where It Ends :With the Customers".

Prince Coils & Leak Free Vaping

Your TFV12 coils are is manufactured with precision so will not leak providing you use the product and parts correctly. Where any leaks have occurred, we have solved almost all by taking the following steps. 

  • When using the TFV12 for the first time ensure all the parts of your tank are tightened properly, this involves finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
  • Ensure the O-ring seals are correctly in place
  • Make sure the Prince coil in the tank is finger tightening then an extra 1/16th turn
  • When cleaning or replacing the coil carry out the above procedures.
  • Ensure you have the correct temperature/power settings for your particular device. Coils for example have ratings and should be kept within maximum and minimum recommended settings. Too high and your device will pop and crackle which may cause spots of e liquid to escape via the air-intake. 

Where product has been returned, we have found that TIGHTENING the PIECES properly resolves any leak issue. 


Smok is a leading brand of electronic cigarettes which specialises in the manufacture and research of vape products. As a result of Smok's ability to innovate with new developments and patented products, the company is known as a sector leader in variable wattage and temperature controlled vape mods and e cigarette devices. Not only is the Smok Alien one of the best selling Vape mods world-wide it also features as probably the best vape mod in most independent Smok Alien Reviews. Coupled with the Smok TFV8 coils and new UK TFV12 range of advanced coils Smok is making waves! SmokTech was founded in 2010 and is based in Nanshan district Shenzen City, a major worldwide hub of the electronic cigarette supply chain. The introduction of the Smok Alien firmly puts Smok on the map as a major player in high spec. power-vape devices. The Smok Alien is the UK's leading high-spec vape mod.

V12 Prince Strip Coils (Mesh)

The new revolutionary Kanthal thin film "strip coil" heating membrane from Smok allows for a greater surface area. This has two significant vaping advantages. First the heat up time for e liquid is significantly reduced because of a more even heating profile and secondly the structure allows for rapid absorption of e juice. Combining these two advantages means strip coil easily loads higher power than traditional coil heating wires which translates to an unparalleled vaping experience.

smok prince coil innovation

Compared with traditional coil, TFV12 Prince mesh coil has a wider heating area which can heat more evenly and absorb e-liquid effectively. This ensures you experience a better flavour and huge vapour. Smok also state that mesh coil has a longer life span.

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    The P&P took a little longer than I hope as they only came from a few miles from me. P&P was not cheap so would of like them to have come a bit quicker, hopefully the next time I order from this Company they will arrived earlier than last time! I understand if you order over a certain amount the P&P is free!