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With a clear design showing your e-liquid levels and a drip gauge labelled in millilitres - this light and sleek cartridge can be used with all of our batteries.

A streamlined design, improved e-liquid efficiency and a screw-on cap eliminates leaks and allows easier refills. With the EX-Blank vape tank, you're guaranteed to get a lovely rich taste every time.

Each pack contains 3 EX-Blanks.

Save more than £3 by choosing the 3 x 3 pack multi-buy option.

E-Liquid Vape Pen Refills

V2 Cigs EX-Blanks are a superior quality clearomizer for use with your shisha pen or e-liquid kit. EX Blanks are designed to be filled with platinum tested e-liquid. It is imperative that you use the best e-liquid which has pure and tested ingredients, Platinum e-liquids are all laboratory tested and you can get your own on-line ingredient report. However you can use these with any of our e-Liquids including our full range of VG e juice.

Features of this powerful little clearomizer include: Screw-on cap that eliminates leaks and allows easier refill; Streamlined design - Improved liquid efficiency; Refillable up to 20 times; No need to mess around replacing/cleaning coils; Much lighter and less bulky than large and ugly Ego “tanks”. Fits all our Shisha and Vape Pen batteries (KR808D-1 thread) – see battery and Shisha Pen pages.

Getting the Best from Your Mini Tank

To get the best usage from your V2 EX Blanks we recommend that you keep the tank regularly topped up with e-liquid because this will keep the wick permanently moist to give you the best taste and vapour.

Use your EX Blank mini tank with any of our mouth-watering range of tested eliquids, VG or PG including our range of Shisha flavours!

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    Ex Blanks

    Posted by Derek Duncan on 22nd Apr 2021

    Love these as they last so long. Fill it twice through the day for my needs and each lasts just over two weeks so much cheaper than cigarettes.

  • 5
    Long Pen battery's

    Posted by Peter. Bell on 23rd Oct 2019

    These long pen and clear cartages I used for year there the best on the market Well worth it if you where cig smoker these helped me stop smoking used them since the ban Peter East Sussex

  • 4

    Posted by Derek Duncan on 4th Jul 2019

    Perfect for my needs. One fill lasts me most of the day. One blank last me around 5 days before the taste becomes too strong/burnt.

  • 5
    Excellent Service

    Posted by Derek Duncan on 4th Mar 2019

    I changed to these after my last e cig went out of production. I use pure - liquids as a upset as they have a great service. Free delivery if you spend enough

  • 4
    Very satisfactory product

    Posted by Carole-Anne Aldons on 26th Jul 2017

    good product but does tend to leak form time to time, but I still like the product, I only wish it would come in packs of 5 or 10 rather than 3, why? would also save on postage, give us a better choice please.

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Posted by Hendra on 15th Feb 2017

    Very good, simple and easy to refill. Can uses or refill till 10-20 times even more. And to clean use the warm water. Good luck to try and happy vaping

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    Easy to use

    Posted by Pure E Liquids Customer on 28th Oct 2016

    good product, although a little expensive one lasted about 7 - 10 days Our Comment: Less than 50p per day, less than £5.00 over 10 days, we reckon that's pretty good value. Cigarettes are around £9.00 per day! £90 over 10 days

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    V2 EX Blanks

    Posted by Robin on 21st Sep 2015

    Clean, attractive, easy to refill. Can be filled many times. Gives an excellent quantity of vapour. First class.