VSAVI 100% VG Gourmet E-Liquid Range - 50ml

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  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid tutti frutti
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid apricot
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid cappuccino
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid coconut
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid raspberry
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid watermelon
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid coffee cream choco
  • VSAVI 100% VG 50ml e liquid toffee caramel choco
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BEST ORGANIC E-LIQUID UK Brand - Buy 50ml (5x10ml) VSAVI and save

The richness of taste!

VSAVI Gourmet Range is our new 100% VG e-liquid offering a wider range of richer tasting VG e Juice. All our e liquids are produced using the latest EU and UK standards to ensure consumer safety and confidence. Our 30 ml bottles offer a more convenient way to buy your favourite e liquids. We offer a range of rich tasting gourmet quality e-liquids for your vaping pleasure. The VSAVI range provides for significantly more vapour than either Vype or the V2 range. Also see our additional standard range of VG e-liquid flavours including our tobacco range, Apple, Arctic Menthol, Cherry and our delicious Coffee Cream.


Coconut Delight - Warm and tropical and not too sweet.

Raspberry - Tastes like raspberry candy. Like summer raspberries not too sweet and not too acid.

Apricot - Wonderful sweet taste of sun ripened apricots.

Watermelon - All natural flavour. Crisp and clean. A big flavour favourite.

Cappuccino - Everyone's favourite Italian. Strong and creamy.

Tutti Frutti - A subtle light, refreshing fruity blend.

Toffee Caramel Choco - A delicacies caramel and chocolate combination.

Coffee Cream Choco - Chocolate infused coffee. Sweet and creamy.


Pure VG 100% ORGANIC e-Juices, Gourmet Range!

The VSAVI Gourmet range is our best VG e-Liquid with an emphasis on alternative flavours and has been introduced at the request of vapers who may be sensitive to PG and want more choice. E-smokers' experience shows that PG liquids generally release flavours with more intensity, while VG liquids give a thicker vapour. Our rich VG organic VSAVI gourmet liquid range is especially formulated to ensure you enjoy both rich flavours and excellent vapour production.

Standard for PG base is Ph. Eur. 4, while the standard for VG base is Ph. Eur. 6. We also hold the European MSDS Certification, European CE Certification, RoHS Certification and German LFGB - Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenstände und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.


  •          ORGANIC
  •          99.9% pure and natural
  •          Pharmaceutical grade nicotine from the world’s largest distributor
  •          Medically tested high quality VG bases
  •          VG base is 100% organic and natural
  •          Natural aromas
  •          Completely GMO free
  •          Have not been tested on animals
  •          Prepared in a “clean room” laboratory
  •          Eco friendly production
  •          Integrated supervision by chemical engineers to ensure consistency and safety
  •          Bottles are made of medical grade plastic
  •          Entire production is done within Europe

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